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Is there a way to move the user's AppStore subscription renewal to the day in the future?
Looking for makers who want to join the ultimate Indie Leaderboard.
Which side project should I focus on first?
Your product is mute, can you make it talk?
What are your personal goals for 2021?
What are your business goals for 2021?
Do sales numbers include or exclude 30% Apple tax on App Store Connect > Trends > Overview?
Easiest way to to find out how many users renew and cancel a subscription within my mobile Apple app? πŸ€”
Do you continue a startup when circumstances are bad, but interest is there?
Experienced makers advising newcomers
What would you do? I woke up with an idea that requires coding; I don’t enjoy coding and I’m slow at it but I don’t want to lose momentum.
What is the "launch" action?
My launch didn't go too well, looking for feedback on how to do better next time
What should I price my product at for launch day?
Open Source and $ ?
When can you add the "As seen in" badges?
How would you name this? πŸ€” I've built a commitment device for bloggers but I need help choosing a good name.
Where do you find the best Figma/React UI kits?
πŸ“§ Email newsletter tool ? SendFox, MailChimp, or another one ?
What would you like to know about new WIP members?