cs student, working on unwrapdesign, and perpetual education.
Joined May 2023
start transferring content of 1 local city page to 5 other cities #unwrapdesign
no work today - day off
Finish lab 1, regarding the buffer overflow exploit #university
start on lab for csc 154 cybersecurity #university
No work today 👍
Finish up local seo copy for client on layover✈️
Flying today ✈️🇨🇦 - day off
No work today - Day off
no work today - day off
Write thousands and thousands of words for city service page copy focusing on [service name location] for multiple services.
Add dynamic lists via prismic to city service pages #unwrapdesign
fix bug with nextjs app folder - where sticky header makes clicking a link not reset scrollbar to top of page
Get contact form hooked up with postmark and cloudflare turnstile #unwrapdesign
connect frontend to prismic cms for easy dynamic local city page generation #unwrapdesign
Add a loading spinner for *every image* a user uploads to prevent confusion for users on slow connections #unwrapdesign
Rework gallery component for client site redesign #unwrapdesign
add different event tracking to sign-up links based on where the link is located #pe