How to use @wipbot

You can use @wipbot by talking to it directly, or by communicating with it in the @wipchat group chat. Most commands work in both places.

If you use a command in the group the result (e.g. created todo) is shared with everyone else. If you use the command with @wipbot directly then it won't be posted in the group chat (but still publicly visible on the website).


Type @wipbot and wait for the auto-complete popup to show. Select a todo to mark it as completed.

Type /done redesign homepage to add a new task and mark it as completed in one go.

To add an image/video to a todo, just send it in the chat (using "quick way") shortly after adding the todo. Alternatively you can add it through the website when editing the todo.

To delete a todo visit the site, sign in, and move your mouse cursor over the little icon next to the todo.


Create project pages to organize your tasks and show the community what you're working on. Go to the projects page to add a project.

Type /done redesign homepage #betalist to add a todo to your #betalist project.

Type /launch #betalist to launch your project on WIP. You can only do this once per project.


Got a question for the group? If it's a quick one you can just post it as a regular message.

Type /ask what's the answer to life? for more in-depth discussions. These will be posted on the website too.

Other Tidbits

Type /refresh to refresh your profile (avatar/name) on the site.

Type /countdown to see how much time there is left until midnight UTC (the shippening). You need to complete at least one todo before that time to keep your streak.

Type /today to receive an overview of the todos you added or completed in the last 24 hours.

Visit the frontpage to see what everyone is working on.

Happy shipping!