The WIP API lets you build third-party apps for WIP and integrate with existing ones.

The API uses GraphQL. It's a relatively new technology that lets you request all the data you need in just one request. If you're unfamiliar with GraphQL we suggest you read up on it first.

You can find all documentation and play around using our GraphiQL instance. You can make a maximum of 20 requests per minute per IP address. If you need more contact Marc.

POST your GraphQL requests to https://wip.co/graphql

The docs are on the right. Click through to Docs, Query, etc to find all Types. To see just your own projects and todos use viewer and authenticate your API request.

Sign in to see your personal API token.

Sample Code

Have a look at some Ruby example code that creates a todo and then completes it.

Or this PHP script that creates an RSS feed of your completed todos.


We also have a Zapier integration that lets you connect WIP to hundreds of other apps.