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write email/blog on how to standout during tech layoffs #blog2
go through editor comments on chapter 2 #refactoringbook
go through editor comments on chapter 2
pay jamie and chris
sketch out an article and get stuck
try to enable DSG for old pages #blog2
test the greencard, it works
make sure I don’t lose streak while flying to usa
poking around at the airport #refactoringbook
no zero days #refactoringbook
meet friend I haven’t seen in 6 years and forget to take selfie
get embeds working reliablyer on deploy #blog2
weekly checkin with Chris
upgrade to gatsby v4 to fix trailing slash crap #blog2
no zero days #refactoringbook
reader emails
start writing chapter 3 #refactoringbook
make last night’s dinner pic for the gram
restaurant with epic view