Please say hello to Martijn 👋

What are you working on these days? After launching History Search in 2018, it quickly became apparent that we only scratched the surface of a much bigger problem: How we navigate the web is fundamentally broken. Over the past year, together with Meet Chopra (and several others) we've been building the fastest browsing experience ever made; Webscape.

What can the WIP community help you with right now? We've recently opened up early access registration for Webscape and will start onboarding next month. Getting your support and feedback once we do would be greatly appreciated.

What can you help others with? I'm pretty good with UX/UI, Search, and Product Hunt, so if there's something I can be helpful with just ping me.

Something else you want to share? We've been in stealth mode but I guess today is as good a day as any to share a sneak peak for the first time:

Please say hello to Drew 👋

What are you working on these days? Building ambient music generators for focusing at Still early stage and currently need to create enough content to fill out the playlists. I'm testing 1 to 1 with people on Reddit and have been accepted into Betalist soon, which should give me a solid idea of where to take it next.

What can the WIP community help you with right now? If people here like ambient music while they're working then I'd be very grateful for feedback on Flowful! Although just seeing other makers ship should help me do the same. I went full time indie a couple of months ago, so I need a way to keep myself accountable now that the inital motivation high has worn off, which is where WIP should help.

What can you help others with? Up until recently I was a Software Engineer so I know my way around modern web dev fairly well (React ect) so I might be able to help there. Also more niche - what I'm doing currently means I am getting more involved with audio generation in web browsers, mainly the Web Audio API, which can be a real pain. If I can help with that then let me know.

Something else you want to share? I also produce dance music (mainly Drum and Bass), as a hobbyist, and have been getting further than ever with it recently. I'll be using WIP to keep myself accountable on that too.

Hi Drew, welcome to WIP! Algorithmic music sounds intriguing!

Is there any particular reason you require signup on Flowful before getting to listen to the music? I think most people would want a preview before going through the trouble of signing up, etc.

BTW, there's some other makers working on music-related products as well. So I recommend going through reaching out to anyone that seems interesting. Leaving a comment on one of their todos is quick way to reach them as it will notify them via email.

hey Marc. the forced signups is just a greedy move for me pre-launch. Just wanted to get the emails of those who I share it with so I can contact them afterwards. I'll be opening it up before launch and adding more tasters to the landing page most likely.

Thanks for the heads up, I'll make sure to check those out

Makes sense. I'd keep an eye on conversion rates though, because I suspect a lot of people do not signup and thus do not experience the product.

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Please say hello to Tazik 👋

What are you working on these days? Latex for Humans - make homework for Engineers easier to do; BET 300 - an entrepreneurship course, I'm trying to build a revenue-generating small business

What can the WIP community help you with right now? I have a tendency to not finish things. I believe can help me break that habit. I will ship every day.

Something else you want to share? I love meeting new people, so don't be afraid to say hi!

Please say hello to Buck 👋

What are you working on these days? Primarily developing hotel concepts in the US - large format apartment hotel in New Orleans and nature retreats in Arizona. Have an ecomm/Amazon brand ( and am building a short-term rental or Airbnb investment data product.

What can the WIP community help you with right now? The data product is the steepest learning curve - learning how to write code to scrape the data I need from Airbnb

What can you help others with? Real estate investment, Amazon FBA / Shopify

Something else you want to share? Live in Scottsdale, AZ, did van life for awhile, learning French (duolingo, courses) and going to France for summer if anyone has recommendations on the coast

Hi Buck! You have great name, header image and job!

Hey Buck! What Jelmer said! Welcome 👋

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Please say hello to frolda 👋

What are you working on these days? I'm trying to launch a Swas service offering standardised marketing websites that users can customise by themselves

What can the WIP community help you with right now? Just testing it out, I'm struggling to keep working on my projects consistently and it'd be great to be part of a community that can hold me accountable

What can you help others with? I have a day job as a design manager, so if you need any help with any UX/UI stuff, more than happy to help

Something else you want to share? Nice to meet ya all!

Hi Frolda! Welcome 👋🏼

Welcome to WIP! Curious to hear more about what product you're working on?

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Please say hello to Will 👋

What are you working on these days? Recently I have been interested in privacy and data ownership projects. Two of my ongoing projects are (1) An email newsletter service that doesn't spy on your readers and (2) a journaling app the uses local markdown files so users can own their own data. I have a background in building web applications with Ruby on Rails and React/TypeScript as well as iOS applications with SwiftUI.

What can the WIP community help you with right now? My biggest problem right now is shipping and perfectionism. Because my product is perfect in my mind I don't ship, and after weeks/months of not shipping anything I inevitably find another interesting project and start that.

What can you help others with? SaaS applications are something I can help. I have been building them for years now, both for small and large companies. The technologies I could be most helpful with are Ruby on Rails, JavaScript/TypeScript, and React.

Something else you want to share? For the last 6 months I have been nomading around the US staying in NYC, Michigan, and now Austin TX 😁 Also I've included a picture of my boxer Smalls!

Hey Will! Welcome aboard!! 👋🏼

Thanks Rich! Glad to be here 😁

Hey Will, welcome to WIP.

I think we all struggle with shipping and the nagging feeling that shit don't work or are imperfect is scary to us all. For me, the most scary thing is if people won't like my work or think it's bad.

For me it helps to think that people don't care about my work, they just want to get a solution to some kind of problem they have and if I solve their problem in a nice way they will appreciate it.

But everyone is different and is motivated by different things, what I want most is the freedom aspect of being able to live of my own products to be able to wake up whenever I want, to work whenever I feel like it and to not be bound by societal aspects that is normal in a work environment.

I am not there yet but I have some ideas that I think will help me get there. Hit me up if you want to discuss ideas or similar. I work mainly with a JS tech stack. :)

PS. Your dog looks absolutely lovely, I have a german pinscher and usually my #life posts is about him.

Hi Will!

Also struggle with 'perfectionism' here. Trying to ship even just a small thing every day has been helpful for me.

I've also been nomading around the US for the past 6 months! How has bringing your dog along for the ride been? I imagine challenging 😅

Hey Will, glad to have you onboard!

Perfectionism is a super common problem amongst founders. Especially if you're a solo-founder without investors, as nobody is holding you accoumtable to ship something within a specific timeframe.

I think a lot of perfectionism stems from being afraid of your incomplete product being judged by others as if it was the final product. You know many of its shortcomings, and you don't want other people to believe you're not seeing that.

So what has helped for me is to ship so early, it's obvious to anyone it's still very much a work in progress. This way people don't assume it's finished, but rather an early prototype. This lets you get away with unpolished details (in some sense, the worse it looks the better). It also turns perfectionism into a driving force to quickly improve. As your product is now out there and that drive you feel to make it perfect, forces you to quickly improve the issues that you get the most feedback on. This is exactly what a product needs to improve.

This was great thank you

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Please say hello to Nasser 👋

What are you working on these days? I am working on project here in my country and build it using Ruby on Rails

What can the WIP community help you with right now? I was hesitate to join at first but then I realised that I need to be accountable and motivated to build and ship more

What can you help others with? I can help with tech and marketing in general especially when it comes to Saudi Arabia or the gulf region.

Something else you want to share? I want to share that I am grateful to join WIP community, and hopefully both help and being helped

Hi Nasser, finally got a chance to review and publish your intro! Welcome again to WIP!

How's Ruby on Rails treating you? @AndreyAzimov also switched to it a few months ago 👍

I love it! It’s a great experience! I still learn new things about Rails every day 🙏

Welcome Nasser! Looking forward to see what you ship!

Also a big Ruby on Rails fan here. Happy to help any way I can.

Thank you Pete 🙏 Truly appreciate it

Hey Nasser 👋 Glad to have you hear. I'm a Rails developer myself so feel free to @ me if I can help 😁

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Please say hello to Rich 👋

What are you working on these days? I'm building MatchFit, a dating app for the CrossFit community. I have a backlog of ideas I want to ship but need more hours in the day as I spend most of my time chasing my young sons around!

What can the WIP community help you with right now? Accountability and feedback as I need it. If anyone works for or knows anyone at Twitter, that would be good! 😂

What can you help others with? Anything you need! I'm currently working as a Pilot and build on the side, but plan to replace that income with my no-code indie hacking. I'm 45 and have lots of experience in different careers. I'm not bad with UI/UX so happy to offer my thoughts. Otherwise, anything you might need input on 😎

Something else you want to share? Until this week I was building on Twitter but my account was hacked and then suspended. As yet I have been unable to get back on. This is a win because in looking for alternatives I found WIP! This looks like a really good place for me to reach my goals 🔥

Hi Rich!

So what did you say that got you kicked off twitter? 😂

I had an old account that I never used. When I kicked off this new path of building stuff I just set up a new one.

I thought no more of it until my old one was hacked and three dodgy retweets appeared on there, on written in Arabic!

The all knowing Twitter bots assumed I was up to no good and locked me out! 🤦🏻‍♂️

As yet I’ve not been able to get back on but can’t be bothered wasting time trying to fix it when I can be building instead!

Nice Rich. Welcome. What/where do you fly?

Hey Tom! Thanks 😊

I fly the 737 with Virgin Australia. Just domestic at the moment but should pick up some short haul international again soon.

The job works well to do this on the side. The ultimate goal is to replace my income with what I build so I can work from my laptop and do what I want, when I want from where I want with my family 😎

Nice. I see you're Radelaide based. Hit me up when you're in Sydney if you want to hack IRL.

Ahh cool! I hadn’t noticed you’re in Aus. Pre-COVID I spent quite a bit of time in Sydney so I’ll let you know when we’re back up to speed and can catch up! I’m a late starter so my hacking is purely no-code at this stage. It’s the most efficient use of my time at the moment to get my ideas to market. What do you specialise in?

Nice. Looking forward to it. I'm building a customer experience mapping/monitoring tool. I can see the appeal of no-code for sure. I'm a Rails dev so tend to use what I'm familiar with.

Ugh! Sorry to hear about your Twitter account getting hacked. I believe @camerondare had a similar problem. Cam, did you ever get it resolved?

I'd love to know if @camerondare did! In the meantime I have setup a covert one 😬 - see how long it evades the bots!

I'm happy to announce I'm the first follower of the covert twitter account :)

Hahahaha! If you can find me that easily, I have doubts as to how long I have before they find me! 😂

If I was genuinely up to no good l, I’d be less annoyed but I was doing nothing wrong and Twitter don’t have a decent system in place to fix this stuff! 🤦🏻‍♂️

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Please say hello to Pete 👋

What are you working on these days? I do freelance Rails development for a handful of recurring clients. I've built enough apps for others so recently began hacking some of the ideas stuck in my head.

What can the WIP community help you with right now? I've struggled with the marketing and shipping things in the past. Hoping to build some good habits with you and excited to meet all of you!

What can you help others with? I've been into programming and business since college. Over the past five years (or so) I've been building web apps for a range of clients. If you need Ruby on Rails dev help or bounce a product idea off of someone find me.

Something else you want to share? In my spare time I'm probably skiing or thinking about crypto :). Look forward to getting to know all of you!

Glad to have a fellow Rails developer join our community!

What projects are you working on right now? Curious to hear what you plan to ship next.

Oh that would have been good to mention in the intro.

I'm currently building a tiny app (one may call it a "micro-SaaS") that's sole goal is to delete old tweets off of twitter.

I call it Tweet Sweeper —

The core features are built, and I have a small handful of paying customers (about $100 ARR), but no where near profitable yet.

My main goal is to get better at product positioning and learning different marketing channels. I'd love to build a handful of apps to replace freelance and consulting work.

I see. Cool. Have you considered allowing sweeping of individual tweets containing certain keywords?

You'll frequently see celebrities getting in hot water for old tweets containing terms or views that are (no longer) politically correct and they end up getting cancelled for it.

Would be useful to scan for those.

My bet is that virtually all of your tweets are useless after 24 hours.

Twitter's homepage (when logged out) advertises "Happening now", and Dan Rowden of ilo recently tweeted that after 24 hours Twitter stops surfacing every tweet, regardless of how popular it is.…

Twitter is a chat room and all chats have some sort of context. Old tweets that get surfaced don't usually get surfaced with all the context of the time.

It's also really hard to know today what will be politically incorrect 5 years from now.

With that said, I'd consider the opposite approach. Pick keywords that you want to keep on the record (like for you it may be #buildinpublic, or something like that) and delete the rest.

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Please say hello to Sam 👋

What are you working on these days? I'm focused on building Available.FYI and content marketing for These are both distractions from the SaaS product I original started working on, and I have more of these distractions lined up! 🙈😅

What can the WIP community help you with right now? I'm looking for inspiration, feedback, and suggestions on building products and marketing digital products.

What can you help others with? I can teach you to paraglide - former paragliding instructor. 🪂 I can also give advice from over a decade of experience using Ruby on Rails - from hello worlds to IPO scale apps.

Hey Sam! Where in the world are you?? Paragliding is on my bucketlist! 😍

Hey Rich! I recently moved to Nice 🇫🇷 Do it!! You'll love it but be careful, it's super addictive. Your productivity will take a big hit 😂

Are you an airline pilot? I've met some long haul pilots who brought their gliders with them to go flying in their downtime before returning home. Seems like a perfect combo of work and play!

Hey Sam! Good spot to live! I have so little time at the moment with my job and family, I'l keep what few hours I have to building stuff for now! 😂

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