Ben Katz


Hey, I’m Ben! Currently building a startup every month until something works. Twitter/X:
Joined July 2023
Schedule social media posts for launch #networth
Create google form to gather interview question answers for contributors to #networth
Buy domain for a personal finance newsletter I'm starting #life
Convince OpenAI to give me more credits for free for my next startup idea #life
Google Pay is now supported for payments on #simpleotp - should make it easier for everyone to sign up !private
Deploy support for "enter a code" as an authentication method for #simpleotp
Adjust #simpleotp JS lib to allow for manual code entry for use cases like PWA (not released yet)
Ask OpenAI to give me back my trial credits for my next business idea since I never used them anyway #life
First sale of one of my own software products! Best $25 I’ve ever made #ipsync !private
Get published on IndieHackers (could have done without the pink bg, but what can I do):… #life
Lose my streak because I wasn't paying attention #life
Realize that sysadmins will probably just cron job their way to victory instead of using #ipsync !private
Launch on Product Hunt and schedule a bunch of other social media posts:… #ipsync !private
Enable pre-orders for #ipsync
Changed "get notified" to "start now" and improved the screenshot quality on the landing page for #ipsync
Respond to more IndieHackers interview questions and tell the writer he's not getting my exact net worth #life
Make custom logo in GIMP for #ipsync and add to landing page
Switch to a light color theme just to try it out #ipsync
Fix mobile formatting issues on landing page #ipsync !private
Build working MVP for #ipsync !private