Ostap 🇺🇦 Brehin


17 | maker | developer | student
Joined October 2021
Deploy analytics page
Help friend with upgrading Node.js to 18 #life
Goals app published 🎉 marketplace.stripe.com/apps/g…
Fix the app build according to Apple’s response #byel
Update app build #byel
Work towards fixing app build on macOS #byel
Fix MRR calculator bug
practice playing music
Start building a base of Canva-like editor
pass tech interview
Fix code signing 🥳 #byel
Struggle with macOS code signing
build form based on Figma design
video call about new project 👀
Fix Vueuse docs example
discover vueuse.org
plan tasks
database design
Submit 9 merge requests for GitLab documentation as part of the hackathon