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Joined October 2021
Improve MailerLite guide #notionmailer
Make user impersonation impossible in customer support chat #notionmailer
Fix bug #notionmailer
Move app to new server #notionmailer
Build private habit-tracker for a new browser page #life
Sketch new idea landing page in ExcaliDraw
Send invites to the waitlist 🤯 #notionmailer
Add real-time sync status monitoring #notionmailer
Setup app infrastructure on Hetzner + AWS + Ploi #notionmailer
Add ability to set custom Notion database columns #notionmailer
Add real-time update capabilities to an email list using Soketi #notionmailer
awesome birthday
Submit AWS Activate application
Set up Twitch account
improve code style
Add ability to create Webhook plugin #formbold
Add ability to connect Slack #formbold
Fix block deletion problem
day off 😑
Add account confirmation email when made unauthenticated purchase #formbold