Nik Spyratos


Greek-South African Laravel (TALL) dev, organiser of PHP South Africa, solo maker.
Client work done, new project based on #toyboxforlaravel next
Found a great affordable VPS provider for mass-hosting on a big server like big ol' Levels
Client work today!
Contacted Taylor Otwell to see if I'm still allowed to use the domain I own
Next PHP South Africa meetup planned for October with co-organiser
Finished current version of my bank's SDK, halting here to not write unnecessary code.…
#toyboxforlaravel Added some more code quality & security tools (PHP Insights and Enlightn), and cleaned up some files and deprecations.
Finished transferring files to new hdd
Cobbled together find, ffmpeg and imagemagick to compress my photo & video archive
Decluttered my Twitter feed from toxic engagement bait accounts
Upload PHPSA meetup recording
#nikshealth exercised today
#toyboxforlaravel launched on ProductHunt…
Fixed crossplatform sed issues, added some instructions for PHP extensions #toyboxforlaravel
Removed myself from running a 3rd meetup group so I can focus on PHPZA and another upcoming group
Trying out some OSS server management tools: Vito and Eddy, for #toyboxforlaravel
Sunny day, walk time #nikshealth
Starting #nikshealth to give my health more importance like my side projects
Reaching out to friends for testing #toyboxforlaravel
First real #toyboxforlaravel user! I know this because they made a Github issue ūü§£