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Go watch daughter training for the 1st division national syncro swimming championship #life
Send weekly newslleter #jobboardsearch
Work in the weekly newsletter #jobboardsearch
Fix a warning when job boards didn't select any tags #jobboardsearch
Go to hit some balls to the fronton #life
Work on migrating client's website to php 8 #jomresplugins
Compare traffic from google to post on twitter #jobboardsearch
Get help from ChatGPT for reply email for new job boards free tier signup #jobboardsearch
Get a lot of problems after upgrading wampserver on my laptop #life
Get a message from a client complaining about a fatal error #jomresplugins in their hotel website but I can't replicate
Find out that due an error in the code that bridges Aitable -> EmailOctopus a lot of users didn't get subscribed #jobboardsearch
Go to have lunch with all the family #life
Upload new aerial photos #villasmediterranean
Update Villa Casablanco photos with the ones from the photoshoot #villasmediterranean
Pass 1000 workers profiles #jobboardsearch
See Reddit bot working again #jobboardsearch
See Reddit bot stopped working on Telegram notifications #jobboardsearch
Update Joomla client's website to latest version so is PHP 8 compilnat #jomresplugins
Reply emails and Trello #villasmediterranean #jomresplugins
Go snorkeling 🤿 #life