Where do you find the best Figma/React UI kits?
Can't make svg's work on my website. Any tips?
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Which logo would you choose?
Anyone technically capable of building a v1.0 site like this and Nomadlist? (for a whole other unrelated niche, userbase and sector)
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What online communities for designers do you know?
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Do you read people’s completed todo’s on the WIP website frontpage? #wip
How do you choose Color Palettes for your next project?
Anyone have example "style guides" for a website / brand? (e.g. logo guidelines, icon set, typography, etc)
How do you chose color palette for your products?
What is a SAAS you are willing to pay for & how much are you willing to pay?
I’m looking for a front-end designer/developer for a simple UI. Any recommendations?
What's more efficient in terms of open/click rate, simple text emails or professional-looking HTML emails?