Marc Köhlbrugge


Joined September 2017
Make public page with domains I've got available for sale
Make rich text editor toolbar sticky so you don't need to scroll up when editing a long post #wip h/t @alaverdyan
Request OpenAI to increase account limit, because I just reached it and it's only February 2nd #startupjobs 😂
Redesign tabbed navigation bars across the site #wip
Experiment with fine-tuning GPT-3 for some programmatic SEO ideas #startupjobs
Simplify some of the homepage design elements such as the startup cards #startupjobs
Publish Twitter thread about cease and desist #betalist…
Have lawyer send cease and desist to BetaPage for infringing on my trademark (and spamming our users, etc) #betalist
Add feedback widget #betalist
Float #life
Add back category banner to homepage #betalist
Import backlog of data #stealth
Make it easier for myself to give out invites to active members #wip
Switch back to Tiny Letter for newsletter list #blog
Join WIP call w/ @rpish @petecodes @lukehollis @osbre #life
Subscribe first customer to $49/mo plan (checks handle every minute) #handlehorse
Send upsell email to all new users going forward #handlehorse
Send confirmation email reminder 3 days after sign up #handlehorse
Mint generative art piece through Grails #life
Add "Connect your wallet" support #traits thanks to @shpigford's open-source code