Marc Köhlbrugge


Joined September 2017
Add subject suggestions based on selected category #image
Add style suggestions under prompt #image
Walk around and take some photos #life
Redirect signed in users directly to dashboard when visiting homepage h/t @jelmerdeboer #image
Add animation for enhancing images (video is edited to speed up) #image
Simplify the dashboard design to put more emphasis on the images #image
Add categories to styles page #image (some of these examples still need some fine-tuning 😅)
Switch to using true grays because the Tailwind CSS default of blueish grays looks weird in darkmode #image
Push upscaling live to all users #image
Increase database connection limit to 40 #image
Switch to Stability API which has more options and the latest SD model #image
Add upscaling prototype #image
Remove watermarks because it's ugly and slows things down a lot #image
Invite the first applicant using the new system #wip
Make semi-public dashboard of all pending applications: (visible to all existing members) #wip
Let people apply directly on our site ( ) instead of Airtable #wip
Make header responsive again so everything fits on one line #wip
Make magic links work for 30 minutes (rather than once-off use) #wip
Automatically confirm email address when signing in with magic link (via email) #wip h/t @swizec
Add regular email/password sign in to WIP, because the magic link functionality is kind of annoying sometimes #wip