Design tips for developers.

I'm working on, a domain name suggestion tool. While it functions well, the design is unattractive. This is probably a question more for developers than designers: Do you have any tips on designing websites that look good? I love minimalist websites, but mine feels both minimalist and ugly. I've been thinking about buying something like Tailwind UI. Any advice on finding a better style would be appreciated!

  1. Have a logo

  2. Use different sized fonts (h1 should be quite large for example, your site blends together because all of the fonts are similar sizes)

  3. Grab some free components off Flowbite and modify them to your liking

Look at other websites for inspiration and think about what you could replicate. If you come across a website with a style you like - save/screenshot it for later.

if you want to learn how to design websites, start by copying websites you like. find something similar and recreate the UI. eventually you will figure out the patterns and start creating your own design. that's how it works.

if you still feel like you need study material, have a look at Refactoring UI. it's a book about design for developers, by the creators of tailwind Ui.

if you don't really care about design and you just want to build stuff that look good, buy tailwind ui since you already mentioned it.

Great Q! I'm a designer (and dev) - knowing dev has helped infinitely with being able to design and work with teams better to implement things realistically and understand complexity. In roles of product design or product manager it significantly changes my work practices and issues when developers have a solid understanding of UX/UI, design systems and design principles (even back end engineers).

Especially if you're interested in design and building things, highly recommend doing a design course online (there's ones made for devs) or getting some fundamentals and theory in through youtube videos and books. You'll grasp it quickly.

For really minimalist sites like yours there are a few things that are exceptionally important to pull it off:

  • Your logo (or at the least the type you use for it)
  • Your typography (the font, the sizing, case usage)
  • Your layout and spacing (padding and margins)
  • Your colors
  • Your copy (clear, compelling, no unnecessary use of symbols etc)

I made a few changes in the browser console to demonstrate it on your site but looks like I can't attach a image to answer a question. I'll see if I can do it in a reply or to do!

There's a few galleries like where you could take some inspiration to learn.

This is a short but excellent guide on design basics:…

If you want to learn design, the easiest way to get started is to pick a design you like and recreate it manually. If you don't care about learning but just need to ship something that looks good, Tailwind UI gets you 90% there.

I bought Refactoring UI. It gave me good base understandings of design, which significantly improved how I build UI. Highly recommend it.

I bought it when they published it, but read it once again and with your tips of checking sites that I like and some Refactoring UI recommendations I updated the design, and I like it a lot now :) Thanks.