Where your mouse cursor is waiting?

When you visite a website before or after an interaction, where do you leave your cursor?
Me, it's on the right in the middle of my screen and you?

It stays on the middle section, most of the times. Unless the UX is unique that force you navigate in a certain way.

Middle of the screen. It's the best way to move to anywhere else on the screen with the least travel...

Same as others: middle of the screen and scrolling pretty quickly.

Slightly off to the right, in the middle of the screen usually.

Interesting, why this question?

ergonomic question. I have a point of view on another way to doing interactive zone.

Cool. I'd love to hear more, and what interactions are you gonna be using it for?

I don't know really yet but maybe navigation between contents.
Today we use header and push hierarchy and all the links inside. It takes a lot of efforts to find a link. Maybe we can use this waiting zone to simplify navigation between contents.

Never thought much about it but I guess it's wherever the cursor was for the last interaction. I don't move it back to specific spot unless it's in the way for reading or watching a video.

mine usually stays away from the content zone to attract less attention. so now its near the main column from the right.
bus the funniest thing—websites with card grids, where I always leave the cursor between cards :)