Pete Codes


Joined October 2017
interview Tom about selling Tweet Hunter for millions
put High Signal newsletter issue on Reddit…
renew domains in namecheap with 20% off token COUPONFCNC
get 4000 visitors from hacker news over night for my blog post
write about Las Palmas
moved High Signal from carrd one page to webflow
sent High Signal newsletter for indie news…
sell remote work website
write post on auctioning newsletter ads on Twitter…
prepare to be interviewed by Stripe for their CEO keynote speech
make agreement with EmailOctopus for them to sponsor my newsletter course
get paid by sponsor
make a simple calculator in Javascript for showing revenue/per hour for founders…
record first video from my Grow Your Newsletter course
review Ghost
get lambda school ceo as podcast guest
learn to make chapters in YouTube
interview Kenneth Cassel about making Slip and making $10k in his first month with his Vim course…
start a YouTube channel for No CS Degree…