Nathan Wailes


Python/Vue dev., working on Work habit goal:
Joined October 2020
Spent a few hours creating a short "player's aid" to serve as a "TLDR" for people. #cmx1course
Fleshed out what the player's aid should contain. #cmx1course
Fleshed out what I want the 'Quick Start' to contain. #cmx1course
Recorded a video version of the official game manual's "Basic Tutorial". I still need to edit it. #cmx1course
Bought an Xbox controller #life
Another full week of studying Spanish #spanish
Bought my friend's beast of a gaming PC, my first gaming PC in ~22 years. #life
Reorganized my phone's home screen to make room for a Google Tasks widget, to hopefully help me spend my time in a more structured way.
Finished watching all the "Arrays and hashing" questions in the Neetcode 150. #betterjob
Did another InterviewCake practice problem. #betterjob
Feeling great about how much less time I'm spending on Twitter and Facebook since I removed their apps from my phone. #life
Bought protein powder #life
Broke up my Google Tasks into lists, kind of like a Trello board. #life
Finished watching neetcode's videos on the "easy" leetcode problems. #betterjob
Finished another week of Duolingo #spanish
Spent time practicing an InterviewCake question ("Reverse Words"). #betterjob
Spent some time trying to figure out how to best make the manual collapsible and mobile-friendly. #cmx1course
Did another InterviewCake problem. #betterjob
Studied InterviewCake for an hour ("Merging Meeting Times"). #betterjob
Reviewed work by freelancer towards getting the game manual converted to HTML. #cmx1course