Jeff Triplett ✨


Joined August 2018
Thursday #revsys client work
🚙 new car acquired, signed for, and driven home #mylife
Wednesday #revsys client work
🚙 almost picked up new car but then the dealer called me to let me know there was a paint issue they needed to fix first
preparing for #revsys Tuesday client work
🚙 ordering a car over SMS messages and email is a strange place to be in 2023 #mylife
🚙 new car shopping online as one does in 2023
staged some #revsys client work so I can take a day off to get a car, do some bank stuff, and catch up
picked up parts, fixed a gate, figured out what they did wrong originally and now planning a rebuild #mylife
🪚 🛠 ordering some powertools for pickup to rebuild some gates and to start finishing out my shop #mylife
🎧 listening to Automate Your Busywork: Do Less, Achieve More, and Save Your Brain for the Big Stuff which is good, but mostly things I'm already doing. It's worth the audible credit though.
🏡 mowed the yard and caught up on email #mylife
#revsys client work
released #djangonews #182…
scheduled #djangonews #182
Thursday #revsys client work and a demo today
more updates to #djangonews to get ready for Thursday
Wednesday #revsys client work
drafted #djangonews #182
#revsys Tuesday client work