Jeff Triplett ✨


Joined August 2018
started rolling up some settings and other changes for #djangopackages
more #djangopackages work to make onboarding more developers easier.
✏️ worked on #djangopackages docs and a settings refactor
worked on #djangopackages docs during my weekly writing group
Friday #revsys client work
scheduled #djangonews #166
drafted #djangonews #165
Thursday #revsys client work
worked on codegen tool and mostly felt sick #mylife
worked on notes for a #defna board meeting
Wednesday #revsys client work
Tuesday #revsys client work
dusted off my code generation tool and wrote a few test templates for it.
Monday #revsys client work
built out an opengraph template for grids on #djangopackages using my new templates
re-worked one of my job scrapers and trying to decide if I should keep it or keep moving forward on it
rebuilt opengraph image generation from the ground up for my projects
fixed some grid/blog issues for a new layout for my personal website
figured out some Okta login issues that I struggled with last week #revsys
finished a bunch of tests and reworked our start project too #revsys