Jeff Triplett ✨


Joined August 2018
updates my #dotfiles to update asdf and fix several issues
Tuesday #revsys client work
overhauled another scraper/processor with much better tests and fixed several non-obvious bugs. I should have written tested upfront.
updated scraper logic to fix tags and author information along with some easy to update tests to make this much easier to find/fix next time around
Monday #revsys client work
worked on more tests for a machine learning project
🤕 not feeling great today so recovering and working on some conference talk ideas
added some tests to a text process project that I always forget how it works
🏈 watch Kansas football and they are actually winning #mylife
updated #djangopackages to pull in recent security updates
🗞 published #djangonews #146
schedule #djangonews for Friday
📧 Updated DNS after checking that my Mailgun was still running
more database snapshot sketches too
Thursday client work #revsys
finishing some new db backup, restore, and snapshot options for my various projects
PSF monthly director's meeting 🐍
Wednesday #revsys client work
late night working on a client project #revsys