Martin Donadieu


🚀Maker | 🎙Podcaster | 🧞‍♀️ Life Goal : Make 20% of the world 20% happier #business #people #happiness #podcast
Joined November 2020
Go to dance weekend festival with gf #life
Got a bad news yesterday my biggest client cancelled for his 499$ plan that destroyed me. I wrote message to understand and today he told me that was mistake ! Feel so better #capacitorgo
fix stripe cancel event, only cancel when subscription is delete #capacitorgo
fix issue with client api endpoint #capacitorgo
release new article about how we count the satst of #capacitorgo…
merge first renovabot Pr #capacitorgo
write blog article for secure update before coding the feature #capacitorgo
send checksum_fail to #capacitorgo backen to let user understand if checksum fail
configure renovabot in all #capacitorgo repo
fix delete version make stats reduce #capacitorgo
add github action renovate bot to upgrade dependency automaticly #capacitorgo
Fix logsnag notif stop receiving stripe new subcription when stripe just send subcription update ^^
Make fastlane able to send app to app store review #captime #capacitorgo
going in date with gf #life
Thing of way to do download in background with the plugin to handle big download #capacitorgo
Release channel settings for "is emulator" and "is dev buid" to let users cancel update for this types #capacitorgo
Make documentation about how to read device logs #capacitorgo
Fix reset to self user after spoofing, fix again the check for over plan, condition was wrong
Merge PR on awesome-capacitor to allow new plugin listing #capacitorgo
fix documentation, the self-hosted part was up to last version #capacitorgo