Why is this a terrible product idea?
Wipfam should I buy an iMac Pro with financing?
Do I do enough livecoding to warrant an iMac Pro? πŸ€”
Should I write a How to move to San Francisco guide book thing?
Does using Google Analytics help SEO because Google knows how much traffic you've got and what it's doing? πŸ€”
Is there an app that takes 15% of everything that comes into my account and puts it on the savings account?
How do you focus on current project when your mind is already bubbling with all the next stuff you wanna do?
What's a good place to buy a landing page design?
Do we live in a futuristic utopia or dystopia? Why?
How do you avoid procrastinating?
Should I buy a shortened version of or something
Learn While You Poop Series 2 has a buffer of 3 episodes now. Should I start publishing Friday morning in SF, or wait until Monday?
If you had 1 year of money and a business that's growing, but maybe not, would you take the plunge even if failure means you're at $0 after?
When my new visa gets approved, should I use it as an excuse to run a learn while you poop subscription discount promotion?
How much would you pay a remote part-time coding intern?
if I was to Reddit a #learnwhileyoupoop video and don't have a site yet. Should I share the YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook link?
If you had to make a complex piece of logic configurable. Think logic as data. What would you do and why?
I'm really struggling to make time and mindshare for important ships lately. Tips?
Do you ever feel like hustling is just too much work and getting a job at one of the Big 5 or similar?
With daily shipping does it ever feel like you're just making changes becase you have time and have to keep busy?
When incorporating, is it better to assign your IP to the new company, or keep personal ownership and license it?
I know nomading is hella popular on WIP, but has anyone experimented with van life?
Do I know anyone who could help a fellow shipper setup for her app?
what’s the best resource to learn how to build a dapp right now?