With daily shipping does it ever feel like you're just making changes becase you have time and have to keep busy?

It can cause me to put low-priority things on the /todo. Instead, I'm learning to break down big, important tasks and mark them as /done as I do them.

Sometimes. But it's always something from the backlog that I'd have to do either way or something that I want to do to enjoy myself.

For me that's sort of the point. Having side projects combined with a 9-5 and life I need something to help me make small incremental improvements that stack up over time. WIP has been the first one giving me consistency in this regard.
I agree though that I've been completing the easy ones and those improvements are really small and can feel a little pointless, looking at the big picture. I'm hoping though that those are part of the regular ebb and flow of working with the project and that, over time, it will become something great...maybe. In any case shipping something every day feels sort of like working out, it's not always great fun but you don't ever regret doing it.

I'm in the same boat as Joel. I've had projects on my to-do list for months that I've never got round to because in my head they were massive and I didn't know where to start. With daily shipping I've started to break them down into tiny tasks, so even if it's just registering a twitter account that takes 10 minutes, at least it gets the ball rolling on the project.

Yeah, I use Trello to keep track of overall progress, but sometimes those items are overwhelming and take days to do, so putting it out into a bunch of micro-tasks gives a sense of accomplishment, rather than the "oh crap I still haven't finished this one task".