🥨 pretzelhands


🥨 Professional Pretzel
Joined January 2018
#life Attend Global Game Jam
#life Finish booking trip to 🇪🇸 Spain
#life Refinance car so I can pay 40 EUR/mo less
#life Build Lego Fiat 500
#life Clean up old emails and delete 20,000 messages
#banjo Accidentally spam myself
#life Get car repaired because some part (Drosselklappensteuerung(?)) broke and I couldn’t go faster than 30 km/h
#life Setup wife with ChatGPT so she can translate German phrases and study the context
#life Book private spa with whirlpool for Valentine’s
#banjo Do final sanity check by signing up as new user with new Discord/Slack server to make sure everything works when setting up
#life Attempt (and fail) to make a board game in a day
#life Do all Christmas shopping
#life Go christmas market
#life Lock and reorder the contents of my wallet because I lost it
#contracting Secure big secondary contract for next year
#banjo Fix bug where Slack user would add reaction, Bot would reaction in Discord and because reaction was added in Discord, Bot would add another reaction in Slack
Handle message being turned into thread on DIscord #banjo Handle message being turned into thread with reply on Discord #banjo Make sure that file sharing message is not duplicated on Discord because it’s sent by bot #banjo Setup email reminders for trial expiration #banjo Build landing page #banjo Request approval for Postmark account #banjo
Pay tourism tax from 2019 that I forgot about because the letters were being sent to my parents
#life Send care package to 🇵🇭 friend for her birthday
#banjo Add Stripe