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rallied on short sleep today. Took the kids to the gym for bball and got some work done.
It was a good day. For up before dawn to take the boy to the gym for shoot-around. Took a deeeeep nap. Met friends for sangria and dinner. Watched a lot of upsets today in NCAA basketball. Very little computer work done this weekend but iaintevenmad
my bracket is busted.
work out new coffee bag label dimensions and specs with printer and roaster.
made homemade chicken noodle soup with my kids. Scheduled content for the store.
figured out how to chain text overlay transformations in Cloudinary. If this gets too unweildy, though, I'm going to pull the plug and use Bannerbear API instead. Hopefully the Cloudinary method works, because Bannerbear is kinda too spendy for my needs.
refactoring the app to streamline how new posts are added. Less like Instagram and more like WeatherShot
PowerBI sucks but this report I made is nice.
worked on the new video conferencing software.
made a mean chicken biryani. From scratch.
celebrate my sons tenth birthday!
completed 2023 security training for work.
tested solutions for the screenshot bug
air fry chicken wings
maintained Duolingo streak
getting back into the code for the WebRTC
work on model for the templating system for image library in new app
so here’s the thing. Why does Adobe creative cloud kill my laptop so bad. It sucks.
I’ve felt mired in a pit of despair over the direction the mobile app was taking. So, instead of figuring it out, I jumped over to a different train of thought to work on coffee bag labels. I’ll come back to the app when I have an answer to the Big Question, but for now… coffee bags.
Last day off (Long weekend!)