Ken Wallace 🌮


Founder of
Joined October 2017
presence indicator on square avatars should animate like a heartbeat. Because it’s fun and easy to do and why tf not.
don’t dim a user avatar’s presence ring in dark mode.
scheduled all emails for the rest of the #mj Q3 enrollment launch
debug two weird onboarding issues.
push Q3 MastermindJam enrollment PLF workshop funnel and sales page live. #mj
continuing to work on this launch despite being overtired and fifteen days overdue.
queue up day two video and email for #mj Q3 enrollment PLF sequence
finished 4th and 5th coach onboarding calls for #mj today over lunch. Happy to have gone from zero coaches to five in as many days, all from cold outreach.
sent out 18 more outreach emails to #mj coach candidates
onboarded two new #mj coaches.
finished editing video 2 of the #mj launch videos.
finished re-shooting all three PLC videos.
sent outreach to 9 coaches for #mj. Plus, recvd interest from two who read about it in the #fridaydispatch
npm update for #mj except for react-redux. I’m saving that upgrade for another day when I have time to rewrite my whole f-ing app. F*ck breaking API changes. No reason for this nonsense. 🤬
scheduled a #fridaydispatch newsletter, and included a #mj wait list teaser plus a coaching cta
sent launch week teaser announcement to #mj wait list
post advice to WIP answers
solved PA sales tax issue for day job
record screencast video of #mj coaching setup to send to prelim coaches list.
used css to change the coach ratings scale to use standard-looking stars instead of numeric rating scale.