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Joined September 2017
fix coronabot cause they change how they give data
ban spammer + 1 internet point to @flowen for reporting
#contactbox email notification style and copywriting
wip france meetup
yes, probably, ok, i only have 3 reddit tabs open, i can work soon
oh hi, did you go to the toilet ?
fastest sticker
Deploy new #contactbox on production server wouhouhuhhuouuh
mobile navigation and optimisation #contactbox
first verison of #contactbox landing page with meh copywriting
login with email twitter and telegrm all working #contactbox
implement BUY MESSAGES modal #contactbox
draw a corgi
advocado salmon poached eggs toast #life
obfuscate text in web app too #contactbox
obfuscate notification message on #contactbox based on @leveIsio obfuscation
#contactbox interface to create new app
phone call with @cheepo2109 🤗