Ashish Kumar (Ashfame) 🐲


Decentralization evangelist, Entrepreneur, Life hacker, Backend engineer. Cyberpunk @ | Building AirGapped Crypto Vault live on stream
Joined September 2017
fill out pc config in YT description for live stream
update all WP sites
rewrite lost changes of #httpscop uptime engine's request tracing program
customer support (send screencast) #redirecto
Reach $100 MRR #redirecto
ability to use either engine v1 or v2 for certain sites #redirecto
build out engine v2 for supporting advanced redirection rules along with geo based redirections #redirecto
do WP updates on all projects
send loads of stuff to accountant for taxation 🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃
notify a client about their expiring ssl cert (even though we don't work together anymore - cuz I am nice like that 😇)
finalize & book hotel 🏨 (grabbing a sweet deal) Really a hard ship for me. Took me 2 days of do it 🤕
even more taxation work 🤮
plan upcoming vacation 🏖
test custom rules placement along with geoIP redirections for a client #redirecto
more taxation work 🤮
long call with accountant to sort out taxation work
do taxation work 🤮
testing + some fixing R module #telops
research work #telops
burn midnight oil #telops R module still a WIP