if I was to Reddit a #learnwhileyoupoop video and don't have a site yet. Should I share the YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook link?

I think YouTube is the most accepted format on Reddit in terms of sharing content.
Mostly because the content is provided directly without further distractions.

Then Twitter, then Facebook. I've rarely if ever seen a Facebook link in the subreddits I frequent.
Maybe they have the same allergic reaction to it as WIP does. 😁

Just my 2 cents.

Does directly without further distractions mean people wouldn't go into the link itself and subscribe and stuff?

In a way, yes. If I could rephrase it I would mean that YT is more focused on the video content. Facebook/Twitter tend to be focused on getting you to click on other links and feeds. I might be completely off, tho!

Ah that. The "genius" of my current approach is that my videos are short enough to be tweetable directly :P

I'll do youtube thanks

Share YouTube, it can help with the YouTube rankings