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Joined January 2018
solve email confirmation link from o2 not arriving in my inbox (solution: spam folder 🤦‍♂️ and technical error on o2 side, so it wasn’t only a user error) #laif
send invoice to client 1 #naii
lazy day #laif
start Vimeo Pro 30-day trial #naii #laif
start Descript Pro 60-day trial #naii #laif
finish 4-fold client work for this week #naii
finalize editing of customer video testimonila, export from Descript and upload to Vimeo #naii
finish work on wedding video - finally after 3 years and lots of procrastination the video and all of its parts are online (for family & friends only, sry) #laif #naii
Day 32/90 of 8h Productivity #naii
take a walk with mom #laif
Day 31/90 of 8h Productivity #naii
fall asleep in studio and accidentally spend the night there *lol* #laif
Day 30/90 of 8h Productivity #naii (despite sabbatical)
send voiceover sample to potential client/partner #naii
send price list (copywriting; voiceover) to potential client/partner #naii
get paid for latest voice over gig #naii
kick off learning Reaper via Kenny Gioia’s videos: (i started with the first 4 videos of the playlist `This is REAPER 6`) #naii
have two calls regarding copy-writing/UX-writing opportunities incl. sending over work sample #naii
start 8th one-week sabatical (every 7 weeks, one week more or less off) #naii
Day 29/90 of 8h Productivity #naii