How do you avoid procrastinating?

I give myself a big reward for doing a little bit of work... getting started is usually the hardest part.

I don't. I give in to the darkness and when I feel guilty enough for not doing shit I get a lot of stuff done

Same. There always comes a point where procrastinating is no longer fun, so you resort to working.

Glad there's other like me. You'd think knowing how awful it's going to feel after you've procrastinated would make you not do it in the first place, but I've yet to conquer it.

I don't, but when I have something hard that I don't wanna do, I usually schedule the task as the first thing to do in the morning after my morning routine to avoid procrastinating on it.

I used to procrastinate a lot while working on side project at home, then I started going cafe and ordering drinks and work there, the feel of "I have to complete something because I have paid for the coffee" kinda works for me for killing procrastination.

Downside: I spent a lot of money on cafe coffee đź’¸

Beeminder, Pomodoros, and starting small. I've lost a bunch of money to Beeminder, really stings.…