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Always use no-code tools for marketing automation.
Always use done-for-you hosting and deployment systems (at least aws – netlify, vercel, heroku, flightcontrol if they fit)

Never use no-code tools for your core product.

Yeah, that's kind of been my internal framework as well... just didn't know if no-code tools were getting good enough to handle core product work.

Unfortunately, I'm not convinced they ever will be.

I started to use no-code to conceptualise the product, but really regret it now, as I've spent too much time trying to bend it for my use case. Would be much quicker to code it myself.

Calendly is great for this. Integrates directly with Stripe for paid meetings

Always best to engage people where they’re already engaging.

The benefit of email is that you own the relationship with your users. Problem is corporations taught people that newslettery emails are one-way communication and people stopped responding. The more you make it look and feel like a person, the more they’ll engage.

For highest replies, try ending with a clear question. Something actionable for the person to do. “Let’s connect soon” is cold and impersonal. “What frustrates you about <problem this kickstarter is solving>?”, now we’re talking

But steak and poultry are a type of meat 🤨

As someone who's been working out for a long time (although been a while since I aimed to look ripped), this sounds super complicated. But it makes sense, similar idea as intermittent fasting.

I workout in the evenings so what I've found works easiest for me is to eat lots after working out for recovery purposes, then not eat at all until lunch next day. My pre workout meals are usually what you'd call cut meals in your setup. The tricky part for me here is ensuring I have enough energy to have a good workout.

Actually ... I guess I'm doing the same thing as you described :D Just never realized it. Felt like it's easier to eat lots after working out because if you do it before and you then have a bad workout for whatever reason, it's easy to overeat.

Thanks for your answer!

I don't think it's complicated when you have sorted out the right cut foods and bulk foods after a while.

Cut foods include organ meats, steak, poultry, berries, quark, shrimps, fibrous vegetables, herbs.

Bulk foods: fish, meat, eggs, avocado, sourdough bread, honey, peanut butter, cheese, whole fruits.

I tend to workout around noon every other day, so I'm eating a cut meal before working out and two meal afterwards.

But steak and poultry are a type of meat 🤨

I’m partial to writing in Markdown using iA Writer. It’s a super low friction way to write, which I enjoy.

iA Writer can do a passable export to pdf I think. For Serverless Handbook, I used www.remarq.io/ to export to the various formats. Did great

I’ve also heard asciidoc as a popular suggestion when markdown isn’t enough anymore. Haven’t tried it myself

Dude the SV650 is literally the joke on r/motorcycles as “The only thing we can all agree on is SV650 beginner bike”

btw my first bike was a 900cc Street Twin and that’s been great. Just don’t be an idiot about it and you’ll be fine

For the machien learning part I would recommend python. For the part that's user facing, especially in the browser, I would recommend javascript.