Luca Meneghetti


The Young Founder | Building honest startups in public for 365 days in a row 👷‍♂️. Live-streaming the process through tweets and threads.
Joined November 2022
start working on the homepage
[28/365] daily post #365daysinpublic
finished scraper algo
[27/365] daily post #365daysinpublic
Created twitter thread downloader in python
created dummy database
[26/365] daily post #365daysinpublic
fixed database structure for EMS
Delegated development of python backend for energy management system
[25/365] daily post #365daysinpublic
Bookmate AI Launched!!! (and the LLM I use broke for a few hours lol) #bookmate
Record and edit product video! #bookmate…
Schedule launch on ProductHunt #bookmate…
[24/365] daily post #365daysinpublic
Solve thumbnail undefined bug #bookmate
added emotions #bookmate
Marketing teaching side gig signup
Learn how to build python apis
go to dentist
[23/365] daily post #365daysinpublic