Luca Meneghetti


The Young Founder | Building honest startups in public for 365 days in a row 👷‍♂️. Live-streaming the process through tweets and threads.
Joined November 2022
check notion-like text editors
Created posts management page
start creating posts page from figma design
Add streaks calculation and logic
build ideas page
create database
Finish header, footer and contact page
Publish new website
Implement website structure
buy new headphones to focus better
get ready for 7 day fast
Learn a bit of supabase
Break the 46 hour fast (ate a bit too much probably)
go for a run
Get OpenAI $2500 Grant (time to ship!)
200 pushups
500 pushups
run 20 minutes
do 430 pushups (yesterday)
[68/365] daily post #365daysinpublic