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Launched September 12, 2018
Learn about offset versus seek in pagination and "SQL Row Values" #startupjobs

Optimize database indexes via #startupjobs
Replace Twitter gem with custom code because the gem was not being updated and it prevented me from upgrading certain dependencies like http.rb #startupjobs
Serve company logos through static URL like (where 700 is the company ID) so it's more easily cacheable and I don't need to re-index Algolia whenever a logo changes #startupjobs
Simplify and speed up almost every single database query by moving the visibility filtering logic (hide expired posts, hide all posts from hidden companies, etc) into a cached boolean column (`active`) that's updated hourly #startupjobs
Switch from SendGrid to Postmark #startupjobs
Launch AI Jobs ( ) #startupjobs
Generate PDF "invoices" (because some companies don't like "receipts") #startupjobs
Fix geocoder caching to decrease API calls to Google #startupjobs
Switch from $200/mo Google Places API Autocomplete to $0/mo custom places autocomplete widget #startupjobs
Get places autocomplete prototype working using Stimulus and Algolia #startupjobs
Prototype my own Google Places Autocomplete alternative #startupjobs
Switch from Zyte ($349/mo) to ScrapingBee ($69/mo) #startupjobs
Disable Skylight because I pay about $250/mo for it just for #startupjobs and I only occasionally check it
Stop setting cookies when people GET an image upload, because it's unnecessary and prevents Cloudflare from caching the images #startupjobs
Clarify wording of credits to use "job posts" instead h/t @AndreyAzimov #startupjobs
Add bulk discounts #startupjobs
Add pricing page #startupjobs
Redesign header using Tailwind UI #startupjobs
Improve design of apply button #startupjobs