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Launched September 12, 2018
Add EIR ↔ "Entrepreneur in Residence" synonym #startupjobs
Allow users to resubscribe after unsubscribing from email alerts #startupjobs
Switch to custom domain ( ) for Stripe Checkout #startupjobs
Refactor payment processing so the same code gets executed whether a user is redirected back from a Stripe Checkout or it's handled via an incoming webhook #startupjobs
Listen for checkout.session.completed event and process payment #startupjobs
Install stripe-cli to easily test Stripe webhooks in development #startupjobs
Store Stripe product and plan IDs in credentials rather than hardcode them #startupjobs
Don't override UTM params for apply links if original link already has them set #startupjobs
Create daily Telegram notification of KPIs inspired by @AndreyAzimov #startupjobs
Add checkbox to enable monthly auto-renewal because @AndreyAzimov motivated me to add it #startupjobs
Waste a day trying to upgrade from Postgres 13 to 14 #startupjobs
Re-index posts to Algolia when relevant company details (name, slug, logo) are changed #startupjobs
Include company in post cache keys so changing the company name or logo also expires all post caches #startupjobs
Fix cache key of recent posts so the section actually refreshes again (was showing very old posts) #startupjobs
Add suggested subject/body to mailto: apply-links #startupjobs
Extract ApplyURL object from Post object #startupjobs
Acquire domain #startupjobs
Use tag ids for associating rather than the tag names #startupjobs
Prepend "http://" to apply link if it's missing a protocol #startupjobs
Switch to custom tagging solution #startupjobs