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Marc Köhlbrugge


Maker of WIP. Building various other projects as well. Writing book about domain names.
Joined September 2017

Put it for sale on

See for comparable sales.

If the 5-letters spell out a dictionary word, you can expect decent money. If it's just random letters, probably not.

This post is kinda meant for that. We can see most popular topics and kinda schedule those in ahead of time so people can plan to attend.

I don't think I've ever gotten a manual action for this

Really??? Ok awesome. The docs make it seem like it’s some super bad thing and that they specifically made the index api to fix.

Just make sure you don't use the indexing API for anything other than jobs, Google really burned me on that one :)

it's funny... whole startups based around that - 🤦

There is! – Scroll down to "Receive notification emails" and set it to "No"

✅ I think it's pretty fast now? Will continue to monitor. Might still be a few problematic pages here and there. Please reply here if there's any pages in particular that consistently feel slow.

There's no wrong or right answer here. I guess do what you'd like someone else to do if the roles were reversed.

For me personally, if it's someone I know, I'd reach out and see how they feel about it. I have a 101 ideas I could be working on, so I wouldn't want to potentially hurt a relationship by working on something that someone else might feel is too similar. Especially if it's a valued relationship.

But at the same time I don't want to artificially limit myself, if it's a natural extension of a business I'm already doing.

True, I especially like the approach of reversing the perspective to inform your decision. It is almost always valuable in all aspects of life.

I don't know the person - he seems nice though and we only had friendly exchanges on twitter etc.

I guess at this point, to avoid speculation, I'll tell here. It is @levelsio - and the startup is NomadList.

The idea I got isn't focusing on nomads at all, so in a way it isn't even close enough to be a competitor...but then you never know how you might pivot, etc.

@jasonleow - FYI.

I'll reach out to Pieter I guess.

It's not something we currently have. My todo list for WIP is quite long and I think this will only appeal to a rather small audience versus some of the other stuff I want to add/improve, so I probably won't add it anytime soon.

I'll keep in mind though. I have planned to rework some of notification preferences in general (what you get emailed about and what not, etc). So if I work on, maybe I'll look at this too. But no promises 😅

Appreciate the request though! Hope my answer doesn't discourage you from sharing more requests as I do consider all of them.

No problem. Hope there is an option to turn off email notifications though.

There is! – Scroll down to "Receive notification emails" and set it to "No"

I tend to be more productive by myself, but I'd be down to occasionally join. So definitely don't adjust the location for me, but when you find something I'll pop by every now and then 👍

@amir you still in BKK? We're still supposed to meetup 😄

Don't worry @marc, I'm being selfish with this one and picking places/times that I like haha. That's the beauty of being the event organizer 😎

I'll create a recurring meetup soon

Missed this notification, was in Tokyo during that time tho

Meet up in PT next time

Asking a question like this is a great way :)

In addition to the many great answers posted already, I also suggest you try out the video hangouts we now started doing weekly! They should automatically show up on the homepage a few days before they start.

They are hosted by @rpish so feel free to ping her beforehand if there's anything you'd like to discuss during the call but aren't comfortable interjecting during call.

You can also join with video/mic off if you prefer to just listen in. There's a small chat window to chat during the call as well.

Will look into that. It should be reactive, but maybe I broke it somehow :D