David Cotton


Building a Microsoft skill focused job board and a site analytics tool.
Joined March 2022
Build user profiles for future growth... @levelsio NomadList should have an Auth service :)
Test out new offcanvas job filter. #poweruserjobs
Created a better looking Job page along with stats. #poweruserjobs
Posting this here. If you join early then you get to say you watched something being built. This is a subreddit community to post jobs from #poweruserjobs. More to come. www.reddit.com/r/PowerUserJob…
Created a weekly subscribe CTA for every 10th job card and a mobile CTA
Look into infinite scroll using Laravel...Testing 1000 jobs is killing load time per Google PageSpeed. #poweruserjobs
Style Featured Job post and hover actions. #poweruserjobs
Complete tag filter and search. #poweruserjobs
Finish home layout #poweruserjobs
Score a 99 with test data. #poweruserjobs
Started groundwork for Blog #poweruserjobs
Create test scenarios for #poweruserjobs
Build array of Stripe products depending on what upgrades a user selects. #poweruserjobs
Created a process to look for keywords in job title and description to auto-assign tags. #poweruserjobs .
Create New Job Form #poweruserjobs
Add Laravel Horizon to monitor Redis queue #poweruserjobs
Upgrade Laravel to v9 #poweruserjobs
Open site for all to see while I build. 👀 #poweruserjobs