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Have whole hotel staff come to my room and sing happy bday to me šŸ˜‚ #life
Lose $400 worth of clothes cause the laundry service delivered it to wrong hotel and someone accepted the delivery and then left Bangkok with my clothes #life
Accidentally make ice sculpture #life
Go gym at 9.30am in the morning šŸ˜Æ #life
Install @gvrizzo's Toast.log again #life
Get my fake XCOPY art liked by XCOPY šŸ¤©(most legit NFT artist on the planet) #life
Get personal question answered by Jason Fried of Basecamp #lifeā€¦
Ask accountant to stick with flat yearly fee, rather than invoicing me for little extras #life
Get new AirPods Pro 2nd gen #life
Receive warm welcome in Penang #life
Book last-minute flight to Penang (leaving tomorrow), because I forgot to extend my visa #life
Meet @ronaldl93 and brother #life
Solve Rubikā€™s cube by memorizing algorithm #life
Fly back to BKK #life
Walk around and take some photos #life
Order iPhone 14 Pro for pick-up next week #life
Become ASR Platinum member through Hilton Diamond status matching #life
Get Stable Diffusion (open-source DALL-E clone) up and running on my Mac #life
Mint Poolsuite's Grand Leisure NFTs #life
Get MacBook Pro display cleaned by employee at Apple Store #life