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Launched March 5, 2018
Optimize performance of some textareas by switching to a different auto-sizing plugin #wip h/t @alvivanco
Use tzinfo-data gem for time zone data, because our server had a bunch of weird time zones that were breaking things #wip h/t @Paul
Add before/after syntax synonyms for search filters (already had until/after which do the same thing) #wip
Sent everyone a follow-up email explaining and apologizing for the previous email #wip
Accidentally sent out 1,000+ survey emails to inactive WIP accounts because I changed a badly named variable in the code #wip 😬
Add fix so we no longer survey inactive members #wip
Add "Report" button to applications so you can report empty/spammy applications #wip
Switch back to gray background to get more focus on the content (with white background) #wip
Escape special characters when uploading images #wip h/t @gunjankarun
Test image caption todo functionality with medium sized image sent as file for @jelmerdeboer #wip
Test image caption todo functionality with small image sent as file for @jelmerdeboer #wip
Test image caption todo functionality with small image for @jelmerdeboer #wip
Check if submitting todos with images is broken for @jelmerdeboer #wip
Add private projects for @levelsio #wip
Get Zapier integration accepted #wip
Make confirmed email address optional again (like how it was a few weeks ago), because some users without an email configured were unable to sign in #wip
Enable new Topics feature for #wip
Fix Zapier OAuth integration h/t @Shazebh #wip
Write PHP script to generate RSS feed of your todos (using our GraphQL API) #wip gist.github.com/marckohlbrugg

Fix markdown escaping of telegram handles after years since I finally discovered underscores should not be escaped if within asterisks #wip h/t @praneet_ro