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Launched March 5, 2018
See unread notification badge work ūüĎĆ #wip
Try out native push notifications for WIP webapp on iOS 16.4 #wip
Add 25 more deals including credits and discounts for Stripe, Notion, and Slack wip.co/deals #wip
Have hangout with a bunch of #wip members
Reverse order of attendees, so newest ones are always shown #wip
Send meetup reminder to RSVP'd members 20-30 minutes before the meetup starts #wip
Accidentally run Rails migration at exactly 8:00:00 #wip
Add notification settings #wip wip.co/notifications/settings
Lazy load all images #wip h/t @levelsio
Prevent duplicate RSVPs for meetups #wip
Redesign "Upcoming meetup" section on homepage and add RSVP button #wip
Add ability to change username in settings wip.co/my/settings #wip
Make usernames required for all users. This simplifies the code a lot. Existing users without a username have one generated for them. If you want to change it, please email me ( [email protected] ) or leave a comment on this todo #wip
Make rich text editor toolbar sticky so you don't need to scroll up when editing a long post #wip h/t @alaverdyan
Redesign tabbed navigation bars across the site #wip
Make it easier for myself to give out invites to active members #wip
First Roast WIP Chat/Call/Hangout of 2023 w/ @lukehollis @petecodes @osbre @marckohlbrugge #wip
Fix signup bug where it would try to automatically follow the inviter and send a push notification, but the push notification tries to include the user's bio which usually isn't set yet when a user just signed up #wip h/t @jayden
Make clicking your avatar in the navigation go directly to your profile rather than opening the profile menu #wip h/t @levelso
Allow me to "dismiss" an applicant which doesn't outright delete the application, but hides it from my view in an attempt to clean up the list #wip