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Switch from APAC (Asian Pacific) to WNAM (Wester North America) R2 bucket to speed up file upload processing, etc #roomai
Delete all user records and associated data for users with invalid email address #roomai
Use Truemail ( ) to validate all email addresses and block disposable emails through MX blacklists #roomai
Cache outputs because they don't change once they're finished and currently they lead to many N+1's #roomai
Preload color palettes in one query, to remove N+1 performance issue #roomai
Configure allowed domains so I can send emails to `` email addresses #roomai
Delete all accounts with invalid email addresses that can never be confirmed/used anyway #roomai
Enforce more strict email validation, because dozens of people enter stuff like `@gmailcom` and so we cannot reach them #roomai
Add Flipper for feature flipping, so I can gradually roll out new features #roomai
Disable Cloudflare caching of 404'd assets #roomai
Refactor code to support multiple rendering engines #roomai
Remove free trial so when a user's free credits are used up, they will immediately get billed when they subscribe #roomai
Add prompt guide #roomai
Don't raise exception on first try when an API returns an invalid JSON response #roomai
Delete the couple of restylings that were missing an input image, but still got saved to the database #roomai
Stop using `model_name` in my code, as it's reserved by ActiveRecord #roomai
Show proper validation message when source photo is missing #roomai
Add ability to "unmasquerade" so I'm logged back into my own account #roomai
Show which plan the user is subscribed to #roomai
Set canonical URL to fix "duplicate page" issue #roomai