Marc Köhlbrugge


Joined September 2017
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Test image caption todo functionality with small image sent as file for @jelmerdeboer #wip
Test image caption todo functionality with small image for @jelmerdeboer #wip
Simplify and speed up almost every single database query by moving the visibility filtering logic (hide expired posts, hide all posts from hidden companies, etc) into a cached boolean column (`active`) that's updated hourly #startupjobs
Check if submitting todos with images is broken for @jelmerdeboer #wip
Add private projects for @levelsio #wip
Get Zapier integration accepted #wip
Switch from SendGrid to Postmark #startupjobs
Make confirmed email address optional again (like how it was a few weeks ago), because some users without an email configured were unable to sign in #wip
Enable new Topics feature for #wip
Fix Zapier OAuth integration h/t @Shazebh #wip
Write PHP script to generate RSS feed of your todos (using our GraphQL API) #wip…
Launch AI Jobs ( ) #startupjobs
Email lawyer about potentially enforcing #betalist trademark against company with confusingly similar name that's spamming our customers and other startups hurting our reputation
Generate PDF "invoices" (because some companies don't like "receipts") #startupjobs
Upgrade to macOS Ventura
Remove comment functionality because we got too much spam #betalist
Add about page with current focus and ways to contact #blog
Publish article about migrating from Heroku to Render #blog
Add big newsletter signup box #blog
Do quick redesign using TailwindCSS #blog