Joined January 2018
Make text-to-object mapper with GTP-4.
Work on updating major version of UI library #devjob
Work on project
Register .com domain
Add analytics to domain
Applied code-splitting / lazy loading of app sections #devjob
Code some more #devjob
Make pull request for feature #devjob
Work #devjob
Work #devjob
Continue implemention new feature #devjob
Use Midjourney to generate logo ideas for a new project
Update main page of new project
Start new project using Next.js and Tailwind CSS
Business idea chat with my wife
Register .com domain
Implement route based code-splitting #devjob
Renew a few Let's Encrypt certificates
Generate simple React games with ChatGPT (GPT-4)
Improve Gitlab CI/CD pipeline #devjob