Rabia Sitabi


Marketing and Community @ BetaList and WIP, Consultant at Film and (Pop) Culture Festivals, New Business Strategist
Joined November 2017
First Roast WIP Chat/Call/Hangout of 2023 w/ @lukehollis @petecodes @osbre @marckohlbrugge #wip
Posted up the time for the last WIP Community Chat of 2022! #wip
WIP Community meet #wip
getting Telegram to be less buggy since the update
sent @marckohlbrugge recap of important meeting #betalist
Schedule WIP Voice Chat return #wip
Order new MPB 14" (old one from 2015 was finally dying) #rpish
Launch 5 websites of projects using ‚Äúno-code‚ÄĚ combo of Notion + Potion #rpish
entered code into new test thingy muahahaha #betalist
send some html to @marckohlbrugge for a test #betalist
Finish making No Code Notion site rabiasitabi.com #rpish #rabia
Announce Guest Voice Chat session this Monday #wip
Prep for meeting with @marckohlbrugge #betalist #wip
Make a list of No Code Notion to Website solutions #rpish
Respond to open threads in Basecamp #betalist
start on research outline ‚ÄúHorror and Culture‚ÄĚ book co-written with the Duchess of Darkness #rpish
write and send Work Order confirmation new client #rpish
Upload this week’s Voice Chat topic to the chat and the Meetups page #wip
Check with @marckohlbrugge before closing
Add upcoming Voice Chat to #wip Meetups