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I will build this out into a proper feature request / feedback system over time. But for now a simple post like this will do.

If you get too many notifications after replying to this post, unfollow it on the top right (on desktop). You will still be notified of direct replies to your comment.

Replace GraphQL with more easy-to-understand RESTful API

Speed up website (sometimes a bit slow now)

✅ I think it's pretty fast now? Will continue to monitor. Might still be a few problematic pages here and there. Please reply here if there's any pages in particular that consistently feel slow.

Weekly email digest with overview of community activity

Muting users/projects/keywords

Direct Messages on the website (with ability to disable)

Better 404 error pages ( is so bad! )

I just want a go home button, that’s it ;)

Unified homepage feed with posts / milestones / roasts / etc

Connect with Twitter to invite your friends/followers

Sorting options for post answers (chronological, by popularity)

Streak freezes/repairs like Duolingo – Ability to save/repair your streak if you occasionally miss a day

I came across this streak recovery feature on

For every 5 consecutive days a user posts, they earn 1 repair day, also known as a rest day. These repair days serve as bonuses that users can utilize to maintain their streak in case they miss a day. Users can accumulate up to 14 repair days, with no possibility of accumulating more. If a user misses a day, the app automatically uses one of the accumulated repair days to keep the streak active.

Open sign-ups, but with paywall

The current application system doesn't really work. Want to experiment with gradually letting in more people AND better monetizing WIP so I can afford to spend more time on it.

But of course it's CRUCIAL that we protect the community we have.

So this would be an experiment. We had open, paid signups before and it didn't lead to any spam issues. If it somehow will, we can revert, and refund and remove bad members from the community.

I think a simple price like $9/$19/$29 (idk which) for lifetime access would make a lot of sense here and would avoid apps getting stuck in limbo. I like the idea.

I'd suggest doing this first as it will likely motivate you to finish the rest of the features if you send an email asking everyone on the waitlist to pay for the new pricing structure and X% of them convert immediately => instant Stripe notifications are always fun

I like this, and I've paid a low cost for lifetime access to communities before and it typically attracts people who are willing to invest time as well.

In the applicant pool, it's hard to know who's still seriously interested in joining, and this would give you a good idea.

Thank you, @marc, for prioritizing protecting our existing community!

I agree, one-off fee for community access is a lot more palatable personally. I only fully joined NomadList when Levels tried a one-off fee instead of recurring.

Recurring USD subscriptions can get pretty heavy outside of the "global north". Here in South Africa the currency generally trends downwards vs USD, so subscriptions get more expensive all the time. Really have to be minimalist with what we subscribe too if it's not a core direct benefit or business requirement.

I don't know about others but the other benefit with one-offs is that it's easier to be in multiple places. I like being in many communities, but can't afford to pay for every single one.

Yep. I feel the same about WIP Pro - I can't justify a recurring subscription when my business is not doing enough recurring revenue. One time is a lot easier to digest.

Love this - want this community to keep existing and also keep being genuine. Influx of free users without invite would destroy that. I wonder if the fee should be even higher. $29 for lifetime access to an exclusive group with a lot of activity and support is kinda cheap. I can see a lot of people paying that just to be able to spam their own projects on everyone's timelines.

Granted I'm always the annoying person in tech to say this: but it would be great if we could maybe think about how to diversify the applicant pool a bit more too - having some different channels to find WIP, understand it and apply would help with this too :)

Each month, pay $1 for each day you missed your streak

Improved lightbox with ability to use arrow keys to go through different photos

@joao you mentioned "Scroll on post images with keyboard arrows" – I think it's the same as this, so I removed your comment to keep things organized. If you have additional details, please reply here. Thanks 🙏

You are right, I missed that one. My bad :) Can I upvote several times? 🫠

Share a screenshot of an update to Twitter with a different copy message than the update from WIP. Like this post you shared:…

Yes, this would be nice! – What do you mean with different text? Just that people can write their own tweet text along with the image? Or something else?

Like you did, the message you shared on twitter was not the same as the update on WIP. So that you can customize it.
By having a screenshot you can promote wip with a watermark and maybe have some flywheel effect.

Streak countdown timer on dashboard

Make the full notification container clickable instead of only the title of the notification.

Add pull-to-refresh when WIP is added as a PWA on ios.

Some discussion on this:…

Add an ability to see a preview + crop your projects logo and header with the exact aspect ratio after uploading. Kind of like this on linkedin:

I made this exact feature for work once (the designer and I even used the linkedin one as a reference). It was pretty fun to implement with html canvas!

An like page for every WIP member to showcase projects, revenue, etc in a nice format. Support custom domains too.

You can already kind of do this by pointing people to your wip profile if it's public, but it's not quite as nice looking as the options I mentioned above.

Copy pasting @bdlowery's comment, as it's quite similar:

"Add a page every creator can make to show all of their projects with verified stripe revenue. Like

Then people can link to it like - or set up their own custom domain to link to it."

I like this idea since it's built directly into wip and could be a way for organic traffic.
- person links in twitter bio / personal website
- visitor clicks link, is now on wip, navigates to other pages, etc.

Not sure if it's a bug or something else going on, but sometimes when I navigate to my Notifications page I start getting audio coming from I think Hangout?

I get this too (on multiple WIP pages) and just have to have my WIP tab set to muted always - I'm on Firefox Dev in case that helps.

Hard refresh solves it for me. I'm on FF too.

Thanks for the heads up. Could it be from videos in people's todos? They should play muted as default, but I think there's a bug with some browsers where it somehow becomes unmuted. What browser are you on?

Maybe some Purchasing Power Parity discounts for members outside the first world?

Related to the other fee topics but IMO separate enough.

Huge fan of PPP / sliding scale pricing too - it's very helpful.

I can apparently send more invites at /applicants than I actually have. Perhaps minor bug or feature.

Hmm… that shouldn't be possible haha. Do you see an "Send invite" button? Or do you mean the Like and Skip buttons? These are indeed always available but don't immediately invite someone.

I got the '1 invite left' email, then invited 1, and then another 1 and then another 1, now 2 accepted. I checked /applications and it seems not possible anymore now.

My best guess is that you actually had multiple invites, but it wasn't reflected accurately in the emails due to a timing issue and the fact that we try not to send multiple, similar emails

@marc could we have something like pinned posts for things like product hunt launches (I know PH isn't great these days for indie devs but it's a nice boost)

I always upvote PH launches when I see them on X because it takes me a second and helps the makers but I would love to have something like pinned posts here/Telegram so we can all help each other a little

Of course, this might be risky for spam so maybe limit it to pro users (if needed)

Maybe it's not a perfect feature for WIP idk

Since the “everyone” tab gets a bit too much to keep up with (and contains todos I’m not interested in), my proposal would be a “for you” tab with the best todos from the community. It shows todos with the most likes or comments, or based on my personal likes and comments.

Maybe it's me but WIP feels really slow since a week

I did refresh/cleared cache

Yeah just opened it after pausing for a month and it feels so slow I don’t even wanna use it…

I need you back, I missed you

Haha thx bro! Getting back to wip today, took a few weeks off all socials, including wip :)

Yep. mega mega slow now. Started after the db migration

BUG: updating profile picture keeps the cached photo

I updated it twice and it still shows the old picture unless i open the image in a new tab

Please move "Most helpful this month" to the homepage and make fewer listings in streaks box. Add link to a page for see all rankings. It's good for encourage new people on streaks.

Campfire has pretty cool solution for reactions (see my todo for a screenshot). Instead of predefined reactions that might not fit specific todo, you would give freedom to react in a natural way. Really nice human-centric UX.

I love this as an idea, but I'm not sure how well it will work as the community grows a bit larger. Also not sure it's worth the trade-off of added complexity around notification logic, etc.

Yup, it's a significant change to the system. And what about the other suggestion to create a big streaks ranking page plus move the most helpful box to the homepage?

Will go through the other suggestions this week!

I am not able to update my Avatars (both on my Project nor on my Profile).