WIP - Meetups Feature - Improvements

On my first try to organize a meetup, I noticed some issues with the meetup functionality and wanted to collect some ideas on improving this specific feature. Maybe others can also add their comments.

Once created, they don't seem to be editable. So updated times, description or locations are not possible. Especially, since there are no comments, there is no other way to facilitate that.
It would be great to be able to edit the meetup and notify all attending users.

They can be edited by appending /edit to the URL or something (can’t remember exactly) but maybe @marc can add a button to the page somewhere only for the event owner

Thanks for the tip @ben, that worked. If the view already exists, an edit button would be helpful.

There are no comments on meetups.
Yes, messaging the host is a feature, which relies on the Telegram integration which not everyone might have set up.
Asking a question, trying to find other people attending or making a suggestion for a time or location, would be great.

The function to attend or remove your rsvp is not reactive, in comparison to almost everything else on the site.
Clicking the button does perform the action, however, only reloading shows the updated status. At first, I thought I had issues with my network connection :)

Will look into that. It should be reactive, but maybe I broke it somehow :D