FR: Question/Roast/Milestone/Intro listed in users feed same as todos

Hey @marc, I think it would be cool if we could see those posts in the feed because that way they would be more discoverable than they are now. Numbers show that the Milestones are going unnoticed. I just learned for example that @daniel_nguyenx posted a milestone, that it's not only inspiring, but also let me discover his nifty mac app I started using right away. 
I've realized there are many more posts I've missed and would love to interact with. However it's cumbersome to remember to periodically check this section to see if something new has been posted. Thanks for taking it into consideration.

Good idea, @screenfluent. Also a quick question, I wanted to move build-in-public from Twitter to WIP, as I think it would be more valuable to other builders than the general audience on Twitter.

Which type of content should I post? (I need it kinda longer form, doesn't seem to be a good fit for Todo/Question/Roast/Milestone/Intro 😅)

Tagging @marc as it's intended for Marc :D

Thanks, Daniel! I can't wait to read your posts here, free from the worry that Twitter crowds might make you second-guess sharing your experiences with the world.

I think cloning Milestones to Posts could be the best approach. The longer I think about it, the more I like the idea that WIP is a kind of micro (or not) blogging platform centered around our projects.

@daniel_nguyenx I had a similar question because I wanted to share long-form content here, and then I found @jasonleow's LifeLog. Many of us use this space to share long-form content about what we're building, how life is going, and our thoughts about the process.

+1 to this - I never see the milestones but would love to support!

+1 , It would encourage more people to post in these sections

Yes, 100% planning to!

I actually have an unfinished pull request for a year ago for this and I think I tried once before as well. But there's some technical difficulty to mixing different record types and sorting them all by date, while still using the cache.

Recently I came up with a simpler way of doing it. Will give that a try soon, because I agree the posts have a lot of potential but are difficult to discover right now.

Questions, roasts, intros, and milestones already share the same back-end by the way. I did the work for that a while ago. They are all "posts" with a single column specifying their type. So once I make the change to the feed, all of them will be automatically part of it 👍

Longer term, maybe even todos will become a "post", making the code even simpler. They already share a lot of the same functionality like @mentions or being able to receive likes and replies etc.

Plus, I see people writing longer todos these days. Myself included. But we don't support line breaks yet. Don't see a good why we shouldn't allow that.

So "todo" could simply a special type of post.

Either way, that's something more long term. For now, adding posts to the feed seems like a good first step.

I think that a todo as a post makes sense. It's quite common for task managers to have a title for the task and a description, then you decide if you use only the title or both.

I like the idea of simplifying data models and not repeating functionality when possible. So, no reason a TODO couldn't be a post. I figure it's a bit of text, media, hashtags, at-tags, comment tree like everything else

The only difference I can see is that posts can have a topic like "Finance"

To avoid joins/for perf reasons, maybe just use a discriminator column and have a generic posts table with "type" being the discriminator (values "post" "todo" where "post" rows have the topic ID/name filled in and whatever else makes them unique; all other columns could be shared)

I don't know if you're familiar with but it's an excellent direction for WIP to expand on the blogging area. Launching a personal blog is cool, but you know that you starting with zero traffic. Knowing that your content will be seen by an active community of like-minded people makes a big difference! If WIP had a similar setup, I would start drafting my first post on how WIP has impacted my life in the next five minutes. I truly believe that not only would this approach convert users into paying customers, but it would also significantly boost platform exposure. Not to mention SEO. If you need any support with UI/UX or growth hacking, I'm eager to help!

Imagine:,,, for me it's a solid idea! 😊