How do you approach organizing meetups? The map view shows a lot of inactive accounts.

Going to Paris for a few days, I thought I'd try to contact some people shown on the map in the area:
Checking all 30 accounts I could find, I realized, a lot of them have become inactive, with no recent posts and deleted Telegram and Twitter accounts.

That made the search for people who would be up for a meetup more difficult than I had hoped.
How do you approach getting meetups started?
Maybe it would help hiding inactive accounts or something similar? It's always easier to keep communities active and fresh with less skeletons to trip over :)

Yeah I think showing the profile pic in grayscale and with maybe a warning sign next to the name if an account is inactive could be a good idea…

And of course, hiding them from places like maps etc. It would also decrease bandwidth a bit 😂

When you organize a meetup, it will automatically be shown on the homepage to anyone nearby. So that should give it some visibility to the right people.

But whether there are enough active members to warrant organizing a meetup in the first place, is a fair question.

I can see how hiding inactive accounts would help, but it's not great because some inactive members might still want to join a meetup (if we'd somehow notify them), and a lot of (active) members travel so their location isn't always accurate.

I wonder if there's a better solution we can come up with? Maybe something where you can propose a meetup location, but without setting a hard date yet. Just to gauge interest.

Will give it some thought and happy to hear everybody's ideas.

That's fair. Instead of proposing a hard date and time, as well as a location, I just wanted to gauge interest. Especially, since I am not native to Paris and don't know the good spots to meet.

Just proposing the meetup and leaving the exact location or time up for discussion, would be great.

Depending on the overlap of Nomadlist users, there could be and optional automatic update sync?
Or the site/PWA doesn't just propose changing timezones, but also location?

I agree, new features shouldn't discriminate against inactive users. However, there are different states of inactivity. A lot of the profiles I checked, had socials connected. Telegram and Twitter. Most of them were deleted by now.
So there was no way to get in touch with them and I would assume they don't follow anything on, if they profile is drastically out of date for multiple years.
The direct message feature request could be an interesting part of the solution.

Agree, though the chances of somebody who hasn't logged in for more than 9 months to join a meetup out of the blue are probably nonexistent/close to 0... Maybe showing the user while saying they're inactive is a good middle ground.

I think many would be interested in joining a meetup of other makers, regardless of whether they are active in WIP.

But I agree, they won't randomly stumble across the meetup. I plan to address that soon, by sending email alerts to members (old and new) when there's a meetup happening near them.