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Joined February 2018
Tell the story behind the Luck experiment on Twitter
Launch the Success experiment on PH
Launch Hustl 2 in Product Hunt! #hustl
Weekly standup call w/ @gvrizzo @camerondare @lenilsonjr
Weekly goals standup call with the bois
Weekly standup call with @gvrizzo
Launch in Product Hunt #edit
Launch in Product Hunt #edit
Submit v0.8 launch candidate to Chrome web store #edit
Climb mountain with friends while work retreat
Fix when selected element is too close to top of viewport, Edit menu is not shown #edit
Ignore whitespaces + ignore case on license activation + check #rameerez
Send update email to beta testers #edit
Promote Edit pre-sales in TW and LN #edit twitter.com/rameerez/status/1…
Remove annoying popup cuz it was in fact annoying #rameerez
Talk with more users #guard
Four more user interviews #guard
Cluster user pains #guard
More on user interviews, started redefining features #guard
Talk to 3 more users #guard