What would you like to see more of from other makers?

WIP currently shows you their daily tasks and occasional milestones.

What other things would you like to see?

I'll list some ideas below, but I'd love to get your suggestions too!

  • Revenue / MRR for each project
  • Other metrics like user growth, engagement, etc
  • Weekly/monthly recap of their progress
  • Daily failures
  • Technology stack
  • Long-term goals
  • Maker insights (e.g. they learn something useful)
  • What they are reading (books, blog posts, etc)
  • What other (relevant) media they are consuming
  • Past projects (overview of them, why they succeeded/failed/etc)
  • A "day in the life" (morning routine, etc)

Any of the above? None of the above? Anything else?

I might incorporate some of these ideas into WIP.

Weekly/monthly recap of their progress
Daily failures


Feature request: It would be nice to check if people are active. If someone is not active for a while, they should get a warning to start being active or their account will be removed. This is especially for those who really wanted an invitation, but then did nothing when they got it. I remember back in the day how bad I felt when this happened on Dribbble. Invitations were very wanted, and I gave two to people who did nothing. Same story as @McPizza described in another thread.

I emphasize with your frustration, but I'm not sure there's much we can do about people not using WIP. It might just not be for them and they wouldn't really know until they give it a try.

Here's what I'll do:

  1. Give out more invites. Then it should be okay if not everybody uses their account.
  2. Improve onboarding of new members. For example, by giving you, the inviter, more tools to help these new people get the most out of WIP.

But agree on removing the old inactive users.
An email notice and bye.That could help them to engage, even like something can make them active

I'm a new member, and I agree with improving onboarding!

There's a 5-step checklist, which is great, but I'd love to see a more in-depth one about creating and logging in project progress. I like your idea about the inviter helping their invitees too. I definitely feel like I've just been thrown in the deep end haha.

I think the best way is actually to dive in and see how others are using it.

Perhaps we should have a better way of finding makers to follow (based on your personal interests, time zone, etc). So you get better examples.

I’ll also give some thought to your idea of having more of a guide. If you any suggestions or questions you’d like to see answered, please let me know!

Making it easy to find other similar (active) makers is a great idea!

I've noticed I've naturally just found people I vibe with over the last few days, but I've made an intentional effort to be part of the community instead of just passively sharing updates.

Are there any specific “filters” you’d like to see to find relevant members?

Anything you’d like to know about them, that’s not currently visible in the profiles, before reaching out?

And finally, how do you prefer to reach out? I’ve been considering adding a direct message system to WIP

Suggestion: When the image is viewed, it opens in a new tab. Instead, why not make it a portal/dialog?

Yes, will definitely do that. A couple of people asked already, but I've been procastinating on it 😅

I really like these 2:

  • Revenue / MRR for each project
  • Weekly/monthly recap of their progress

What would you like to see in the recap? What format would you prefer?

I think some sort of timeline. When you click on a dot you'll see more information about that recap. In the recap information like:

  • New features;
  • MRR progress;
  • What can go better?;

People can comment on the recap, or applause.

I'd love to see failures and successes as part of the weekly/monthly recaps. Makes more sense to me than daily failures.

I actually today was thinking that setting some kind of type for the entries would be cool idea opening up some more advanced statistics/achievements or filtering options. So most from your list sounds cool as an options to choose from.

What types would you like to see?

This might be something I can do with AI. (Yay! A reason to use AI)

(this is a brain dump)

"Long-term goals" would be nice, the todos can become very random and sometimes you have big news you want to share (we have milestones of course) also could be combined with "a day in the life" in general I actually like seeing all the random stuff people do, gym, walks, etc. Maybe have something beyond a todo and make it different types of tasks (would be a big change don't know how it would work)

In general, all the revenue/MRR stuff would be nice to share

Past projects: The graveyard, just add it, it's good to learn from each other so maybe a postmortem?

Maybe a boost to the forum, it could use some more activity with Reddit becoming a shill fest I would love a place to help each other and learn some stuff

Techstack is a good one, simple but maybe people can help each other a little

"What they are reading "Yeah something on your profile with reading lists/podcasts/youtube channels etc. Not sure if it's a killer feature but maybe if you bundle it in a tab: What is wip reading etc.

In general, the magic of wip (for me) is that it's super small and I like to share everything here because I am with a group of people that are similar . No one is shilling their projects curious if growing that "vibe" can stay (probably with good moderation)

You had a post a while back about invites/reviewing requests etc. I think I have an invite but I have no idea who I should give it to, could we make the invites open so we can all vote for example, top votes (weekly or something) get accepted? Make it so that active users can control who gets in (maybe this is a horrible social experience or maybe it works I have no idea)

One more thing I would add is to bring in more gamification elements. I see three types of visually appealing badges. Milestones for amount of done tasks, streaks (2, 3, 4... 10, 25, 50 to help build up a momentum) and special events (perform X tasks on day Y to get unique badge).

Yeah that is also a good one, maybe also a bounty if you miss a day. Live for me gets in the way and I lose my streak. It demotivates me to restart (maybe this is just me)

@marc could we have something that I donate/pay a fine

I've gone back and forth on this, but I think I agree we should add it. The goal of the streak isn't to literally never miss a single day. It's to keep you motivated and develop a shipping habit.

I fully understand, maybe I am the only one that has this problem so feel free to ignore it. But with becoming a dad I do have days that I simply can't complete a todo

Once I lose a streak I feel sad (as I should, the system works!) but getting motivated to build that up again can become demotivating

Maybe wip can punish me in a fun way, or just make it a microtransaction hehe

(I know I could write a quick script to cheat the system but meh)

Yes, I'll add badges. Good and fun idea!

A lot of great ideas here. Thanks!

I agree on the magic of WIP. That's why I've always kept its growth relatively slow by either having the paywall or it being invite-only.

I do think it would be beneifical to everybody to get more makers onboard, but we need to do it in a slow and thoughtful way. Perhaps someday we'll have sub-wips like on Reddit, or the Twitter-like following/follower model becomes more prominent. We'll see. But it's definitely top of mind for me.

Any concrete suggestions on how we can make the forum more active?

As for the invites, you can go to and give your invite to anyone who applied.

There's a lot of people there and the UX for reviewing them isn't great right now. I'll work on that. Perhaps it should be more of a voting system where you can give your thumbs up on anyone you think is a good fit, and once they hit a certain threshold they automatically get invited. That might be a bit easier than having to make a clear yes/no decision on whether to give your invite to someone.

Yeah it's a very fine line between quality/user size

To make the forum more active you would want some sort of reward, this is hard of course because you don't want it to become Quora/Reddit shill show. A Karma score? Do upvotes/likes go to your karma? But what would that karma do, wip is not really an acquisition channel for any of us and more a networking platform

Maybe the more active and helpful you are the higher your project ranks. A little like Producthunt but instead of upvotes the maker gets rewarded for being helpful.

As someone who loved those old school forums I think there are a lot of directions you can take this, nothing wrong with only having a hundred people writing the content and the rest just lurking

I like the idea of sub/groups, there are a few real estate projects and I would love to team up with them (big markets so a lot of room for partnerships/sharing stuff etc) which can be a big power for indiehackers

"As for the invites, you can go to and give your invite to anyone who applied." - As a true developer, I did not read the manual. Just send my first invite

+1 for MRR/project or other metrics

Maybe also weekly what contributed most +/- core metric?

There's a general trend to share fewer metrics because of copycats, etc. But I agree it's always super interesting to see, especially when paired with the work that it took to get there.

I'll poll the community to see if there's enough appetite to share these kind of numbers.

+1 "day in the life of"

suggestion: screentime ☠️

What does screentime mean?

screentime, like this:…

it's a bit of a joke, but it could be a fun in the WIP mac toolbar

This probably falls into the Maker insights bit, but I've always learned the best when someone decides to use a certain tool, build something a certain way, and the other options they considered along the way.

I.e. "Why I chose this for X" kind of updates or posts.

I find them more insightful than the "This is my favorite stack" posts.

I tried to use WIP a year ago but couldn’t commit for long. I mainly got busy because I had to produce and ship a physical product, or it is just an excuse. So, I can’t really judge WIP because I didn’t use it recently but here are my comments.

I personally learn a lot from a creator when their struggles and failures could be analyzed. Maybe this is me, but I am more useful to others when they need help (make sense, right) than watching passively their MRR or a post about a CSS adjustment…, so this is from a viewer’s perspective. From the poster’s perspective, posting daily updates of course helps for commitments and motivation.

So, it would be nice to have an area (hashtag?) dedicated to seeing what problems creators’ faced and how they solved it, or their failures, why it didn’t work out and what they would do differently if they had the chance to start again. But even better, it would be better to have an hashtag, saying #imgivingup or #imstuck, a place they can write before they decide their project is a failure. Because, the community will be more sensitive to this (well, I would be) and will be able to inject fresh ideas or motivate the creator.

Would it be possible to have a sub-group on telegram specific to asking help from other users or just chatting, but not mixed with the /todo and /done but maybe keep the /life stuff (those are cool and promote interaction). So, in that subgroup u write /ask will also be posted on the website directly. I have the feeling the questions/posts and /roasts on the website don’t get the attention they deserve. I dunno why, but those topics should be stimulating more dialogues (the essence of a community) while posting todos promotes more one-way flow.

For me :
Revenue and number of visitors/ users would be nice.
Technology stack => then people will stop to ask ahahah
Long-term goals => nice

Daily failures => already doable in taks
Maker insights (e.g. they learn something useful) => already doable in taks
What they are reading (books, blog posts, etc) => already doable in taks

Mobile app can be nice as well, i can show you how to hack it quick if needed, like i did with @Marclou :)

Show me!

Are you available next week ? i'm a bit busy this week ^^

Can you show in the comments here? 😄

Love these

  • Daily failures
  • Technology stack
  • Long-term goals
  • What they are reading (books, blog posts, etc) + Podcasts!
  • A "day in the life" (morning routine, etc)

  • Add Idea: current mood/motivation level

And I would also love a weekly poll on current topics or just for fun, like on hackernoon

PROJECT GOALS: I'd love to be able to set a target MRR or more in general write target goals and milestones for my project. That way everyone would be able to get a quick look at how a project is going.

PROJECT HELP: Another cool feature to make the community help each other more easily could be to add 'needs help with' on the project/user profile. This would allow everyone to see if another user is facing a problem they already solved and share their solution right away. Esp helpful when facing big problems that aren't really mentioned in forums etc.

Groups or topics might work well. That way people can share, post, join, or read about a particular subject that's more in line to their interests than the existing firehose format.

Add "Browse By Topic" to todo feed. Example: To quickly see all todos about AI.

Right now it's only possible to browse projects by topics, which is excellent for seeing what projects are out there. But you have to click on all projects if you want to see what people are actually working on / shipping. I don't think many people are going to do that 😉

haha that markdown didn't end up looking like I thought