Omar McPizza


Building Open Source Next Gen Email 📩 Not my first Rodeo (5x) 🐎 Fan of Startups, Open Source & 🍕
Joined March 2023
Practice spinning up new mail server, think of how to automate it #uninbox
Take cool MySQL course with Planetscale #mcpizzalife
Diving into SQL relations - 😕 #uninbox
Add feature and documentation to nuxt-hanko auth repo #mcpizzalife
Run deep nested select queries test with Prisma, decide its too slow, testing drizzle #uninbox
Finish integrating PassKeys authentication #uninbox
Make gift - plan to make another to keep #mcpizzalife
Get PassKeys working for #uninbox - but they require a backup email address 😂
Reach 69 day streak - nice 😎 #mcpizzalife
Play with Nuxt and - reach out to lead maintainer of Nuxt, get epic new Nuxt Module built 💖 - passkeys coming to #uninbox
Yesterday: Tuna season started, do Tuna Grill dinner for friends, Cat got the email and claimed "Head of the table" #islandlife
RIP #memostash Hello World #uninbox
attend OS/COSS office hours with founder of
have 3 meetings
get SMTP working fast
mail in > mail out - Mail Server is online!
New 3D printer arrived #mcpizzalife
learn about puppeteer
Create new repo
Setup Mail Server 🤔