Olivier Koolangsu


Belgo-Congolese, 18 yrs in China. Presenty building storytelling games at tangiblenarrative.com. I ❤️ fun, good conversations & coffee.
Joined March 2022
Sent a survey while asking my Kickstarter backers their shipping addresses but nobody replied, so I included some humour... and now I got replies 🤪 #tangiblenarrative
made my first Zapier today. Save a chrome URL to google sheet. #life
Finished our first Kickstarter campaign on May 12, 2022 with $115,000 and over 900 backers. Very happy mood ✌😋 #tangiblenarrative
... a big smile cruising half-way through my first Kickstarter and not believing the support received from the backers. $70,000 and counting... #tangiblenarrative
Replied to comments that made my day, people are complaining we are too cheap on Kickstarter. Expecting our sales to go up... haha #tangiblenarrative
LIVE on Kickstarter now and funded in less than 45 mins, yeaaaah! #tangiblenarrative
Getting ready (are we ever ready?) to 🚀 launch the World Travelers Society Mystery Box on Kickstarter this Monday April 11 💪✌#tangiblenarrative
Tested why I had less subscribers today! Do I need to find a bicycle (still searching) or click on all scooters!? Google captcha sucks! #life #tangiblenarrative
Sent teaser on IG/FB/Twitter for upcoming Kickstarter with a little intro about Morris "Two Gun" Cohen #tangiblenarrative
Sent teaser on IG/FB/Twitter for upcoming Kickstarter with a little intro on Chinese characters #tangiblenarrative
dreamt of a guy with whom I just had a loong conversation as he wanted to promote us for quite little money. The thing is that yes he has 350.000 followers (I have 20) but he is quite (very) controversial, so I'll pass. The dream was he was trying to impress me showing him jumping from the highest building in Shanghai ala Mission Impossible and taking a video of my product (dreams are fucking weird). #life
/done Sent 3rd teaser on IG/FB/Tw for upcoming Kickstarter with a little intro on China Knots #tangiblenarrative
Sent 2nd teaser on IG & FB for upcoming Kickstarter #tangiblenarrative
Project was approved today by Kickstarter, 🚀 launching soon #tangiblenarrative
Published my first Gumroad for the public - The World Travelers Society Full Prequel Game for 1$ ✌️ #tangiblenarrative
Sent teaser on IG & FB for upcoming Kickstarter #tangiblenarrative
changed the electric scooter tire after 10.000kms of good and loyal service #life
Sent my first question to WIP #tangiblenarrative
Test completed. Dogs can't jump rope! #life
Cloudflare didn't automatically import all DNS settings from namecheap. So EmailOctopus didn't deliver emails. FIXED now! #tangiblenarrative