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where is the best place to get a logo designed?
Designer or brands and interfaces 🕶

A friendly designer of course ;)

Although the logo seems important, it is the whole of the brand that is the most powerful. Typography, color, photography, illustrations/icons.
A well designed logo can combine these visuals, the feeling of a brand, in 1 easy to recognize element.

And with that whole a designer can help out.

How do You deal with Taken social network names?
Designer or brands and interfaces 🕶

Not. Try another one.
I tried a few times to contact Twitter support because an account was not active and I wanted to use that user name. But never heard from them.

What are popular well known websites? (with RSS)
Designer or brands and interfaces 🕶

Dig a bit into the suggestion collection of Feedly and Inoreader. They have plenty.

Maker of things on the internet

That's actually a good suggestion, thanks!

what’s the best way to make a widget like wip’s maker widget? /cc @marckohlbrugge
Designer or brands and interfaces 🕶

Clone it, I can not believe that Marc is not willing to share it.

Does anyone know what better options are there than Paypal for a marketplace platform for Intl?
Designer or brands and interfaces 🕶

Do you mean services like (

❤️ Vera Sun • 🤖

Hey Patrick! Nope, something more like a payment provider or gateway that I could use. Paypal's taking a 2 cut commission from me like so:

1) When the buyer pays me the product's price on my platform
2) When I transfer my sellers their earnings for selling their products on my platform

That leaves me in a position where I am not able to make any money and I'm essentially running the platform at a loss (hosting, domains, emails and marketing all costs money)

Designer or brands and interfaces 🕶

Ah clear. How about Adyen?

what is a douchey font I can use?
Designer or brands and interfaces 🕶

Brush script