Which great software have you discovered which makes your life or work much easier?

Which great software have you discovered which makes your life or work much easier?

let me surf

let me surf

VSCode - My favourite text editor ever.
DBeaver - accessing databases remotely.
Insomnia - to test API's I'm building.
Telegram - Other than using it for communicating, I've made so many other use cases, especially once I started building bots for our home automation etc, server logs, etc.

Father, dev, entrepreneur

Awesome! what automation for home did you build with telegram?

Designer or brands and interfaces 🕶

Notion, Alfred and ClearShot.

Dev/hacker from Holland living in Barcelona, ⛏️ on different side projects.

I moved from MacOS to Ubuntu last year and super happy with Joplin :)

Traveling, meeting people, collaborating on Coworkies & bunch of other projects.

Definitely Figma for design
& Simplecast for podcasting.

Ay invent, act, build, travel, write. — Home =

The Archive - for note-taking (no more post-its) -

Basecamp - for project management (gives me both total piece of mind and full control about all the gazillion things that need to be taken care of) -

My name is Chris. What's your name?
Not logging work/project-related todo’s 🐳

I like

It basically syncs your bookmarks and highlights from books you read and turns them into flashcards. I tend to highlight a lot but never actually looked at the highlighted text, Readwise solved that for me.

Currently working on

aText Typing Accelerator :
"aText accelerates your typing in any application by replacing abbreviations with frequently used phrases you define."

I use it to respond by email and to the Linkedin comments. Often as a FAQ. an incredible time saver

Helping remote teams build better relationships at

Grammarly is a great product for anyone who writes lots of emails. Just having it in my back pocket has reduced my writing fatigue significantly.

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