where is the best place to get a logo designed?

Depends on your budget :)

Tips #1: No budget → use Emoji ✌️
Tips #2: Small budget → go to Fiverr 🟢
Tips #3: Medium to high budget → find your style and select a designer you like on Dribbble 🏀

PS : I use the 'Tips #1' for, and I advise anyone starting a project to do the same.

I haven't used it in quite a few years but I always got some great work through 99 Designs. Depends on your budget of course. I also found it pretty helpful when I didn't know exactly what I wanted as you get a good range of options.

The trick with 99 designs is to just keep pushing for iterations until it's perfect. The "downside" is that you get so many potential designs that it takes 1-2 days of your time to provide feedback and to cull the responses. Other than that I've gotten some good initial versions of logos.

Thanks all! A friend ended up making one for me

A friendly designer of course ;)

Although the logo seems important, it is the whole of the brand that is the most powerful. Typography, color, photography, illustrations/icons.
A well designed logo can combine these visuals, the feeling of a brand, in 1 easy to recognize element.

And with that whole a designer can help out.

To get inspirations, I use usually. I even bought a logo once with design support from them. But in most cases, this is more of an inspiration to create my logo in Illustrator then.

I'm going through this at the moment. I'm playing around in Figma, and if I come up with something decent I'll stick with it. I want to get better with Figma anyway. If it turns out to be rubbish, then I'll probably try 99Designs.