Which fake company should I use for a Demo?

  • The Bluth Company Banana Stand
  • Dunder Mifflin
  • Pied Piper
  • Stark Industries
  • Kwik-e-mart
  • Any others?

What’s your target market?

Haha, very interested to see how target market influencers this. Let's say 25-35-year-old Customer Experience designers in a corporate role.

Veridian Dynamics.

This one is a little niche, but if you haven't seen "Better Off Ted," I highly recommend it. It's a show about a giant R&D conglomerate that bends over backward to meet the needs of its customers.

Very hilarious, and the series ended way too soon.

Wicked - I've never seen this one. I'll check it out.

Why not make your own?

That being said, that could be a great side project to build. A fake brand service. a streak-based community that reports days not worked on domain names purchased.

Hard to get a grasp what it is exactly. But it seems quit techy and nerdy. So, Pied Piper seems appropriate for this use.

I like Pied Piper, always a smile for the peeps for watched the series

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